10 Compelling Niche Online Dating Sites

10 Compelling Niche Online Dating Sites
City folks just don’t get it, apparently.

10 Compelling Niche Online Dating Sites

Justin Lavelle
October 27, 2014

According to eHarmony, 40 million Americans now date online, which equals roughly 40% of all single people in America. With such a huge pool of people to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to sift through messages and find a potential partner online, especially if you’re a woman who is bombarded with messages from guys wanting to take you out.

One solution to this challenge has been found in the rise of niche online dating sites, which attempt to corral singles into similar cohorts by age, shared interests, ethnicity or religion. By narrowing your playing field of potential dates, you may paradoxically have a better chance of finding the right person for you. But how do you know what’s available? We took a look at this growing field for you and listed ten notable niche dating sites from the thoughtful to the bizarre.

J Date – The original niche dating site, it concentrates on connecting Jewish singles and is already well established enough to be spoofed on mainstream sitcoms.

ChristianMingle – A site for those sharing the Christian faith. We assume there are sub-filters to prevent Unitarians and Baptists from accidentally connecting.

VeggieDate – A dating site for vegetarians and vegans. Why run the risk of someone lying about his or her dietary preferences on OKCupid?

Alikewise – If you’re coming up empty on Goodreads, try this dating site that matches people by book taste.

BeautifulPeople.com – A site only for the beautiful. Just don’t read their profiles.

FarmersOnly.com – Live in a small, remote town? Do the only two single people within 50 miles of you keep popping up on Match? Are both of them family members? Then try this rural-focused site.

My420mate.com – The only dating site where red is the most common (and preferred) eye color.

Amish Online Dating – For bonnets seeking beards.

Mullet Passions – Joining comes with additional memberships at sites like Trucker Passions and Goth Passions. At no additional cost.

The Atlasphere – The good news is there a dating site for Ayn Rand enthusiasts. The bad news is 100% of its members are selfish in bed.

Do you have a favorite niche-dating site not on this list? Let us know in the comments.

And remember, no matter which online dating site you use, no amount of “filtering” can provide the peace of mind before a first date that a background check can.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.