Three Notorious Homes Worth More Than $1 Million

Three Notorious Homes Worth More Than $1 Million

Three Notorious Homes Worth More Than $1 Million

Justin Lavelle
May 14, 2016

Infamous murder scenes forever taint the homes they occur in, and many such places have been abandoned or torn down in the decades that followed the incident. However, a surprising number of these homes are still standing and inhabited, having changed hands multiple times since the death that occurred there.

In fact, as many of these now celebrity homes were already based in ritzy neighborhoods, many of the residences have continued to gain in value through the years, including a few worth well over a million dollars. While some people may never consider living in a home where a grizzly murder took place, others may welcome the opportunity to purchase an otherwise nice home at a discount.

Those willing to take the plunge just need to be prepared to deal with some unwanted attention, including from tourists visiting outside their gates on celebrity death tours and other random onlookers seeking a glimpse of unfortunate history.

Here are the top three homes known for notorious deaths that are still valued at over $1 Million.

Nicole Brown Simpson’s House

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Last Sale Price: $1.7 million

The Brentwood condo where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered has received renewed attention since the popular FX series about the case aired earlier this year. A prime stop on the aforementioned celebrity death tours, TMZ reports the renewed attention is aggravating near-by residents. The condo last changed hands in 2006 for $1.7 million, suggesting if the current owners get sick of gawkers they would easily receive $2-3 million in today’s market.

Jon Benet Ramsey House

Location: Boulder, CO

Listed Price: $1.985 Million

One of the great unsolved mysteries hangs over this luxury Colorado home, where six year old Jon Benet Ramsey was found murdered in its basement in 1996. After moving into the home in 2004, the current owners have put the house up for sale and lowered their asking price multiple times without finding an interested buyer.

The Skakel Family Home

Location: Greenwich, CT

Estimated Value: $5 million +

Wealthy relatives of the Kennedy Family, the Skakels lived in luxurious Greenwich, CT, among mansions and leafy gardens. The brutal murder of Martha Moxley in her own backyard in 1975 turned this tranquil neighborhood upside down and suspicion long fell on Michael Skakel, her neighbor. After years of legal wrangling, Skakel was convicted in 2002 of the murder and sentenced to 20 years to life. Details on the Skakel family home are sparse, but equivalent homes in the neighborhood list for between $5-10 million, suggesting that even with a “notoriety discount,” the home would cost a hefty sum.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.