Oklahoma Public Records

Oklahoma’s Freedom of Information Laws cover both public records and public meetings. Title 51 Oklahoma Statutes § 24A.1 et seq., the Oklahoma Open Records Act, is not a single law, but a series of law designed to help guarantee that the public has access to public records of Oklahoma governmental bodies. It is a broadly defined law that covers all documents created by, received by, under the authority of, or coming into the custody, control or possession of public officials or their representatives, in connection with a wide variety of types of public business. It does not just cover written documents, but any type of record including: books, papers, photographs, sound recordings, film recordings, video recordings, tapes, disks, records, computer software, and any other type of data. The Oklahoma statute contains a number of exemptions including: information protected by state evidentiary privilege, real estate appraisals, personnel records, sex offender registration files, personnel notes, business-related bids, computer programs, medical market research, and student records.

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Public & Vital Records for Counties in Oklahoma

More About Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state located in the south-central region of the United States. The 20th-largest state, it has the 28th largest population. Although many people think of Oklahoma as a primary rural state, most of Oklahoma’s population is actually concentrated in its major metropolitan areas. In fact, Oklahoma has a relatively strong economy that has multiple bases: aviation, energy, telecommunications, biotechnology, agricultural products, natural gas, and oil. Oklahoma is a frequent work-destination, especially for people in nearby states who work in oil or gas. Therefore, if you are looking for background information on someone in Oklahoma, if there appear to be gaps in the record, you may need to look in other states.

OK Vital Records

Vital Statistics refers to the quantitative data that a governmental organization uses to measure trends in a community. These can include births, deaths, marriages, and divorces, and may include other things such as adoptions, domestic partnerships, or other actions impacting the family. In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records if responsible for maintaining vital statistics for the state.

Birth Records

The Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records registers every birth that occurs in Oklahoma and preserves, amends, and issues certified birth certificates. You may get birth certificates by mail, on-line, or in-person.

Death Records

Like birth certificates, in Oklahoma death certificates are handled by the Division of Vital Records, which is responsible for recording deaths and handling death certificates. You can get death records in several ways, including: online, in-person, and by mail.

Marriage Records

Oklahoma does not maintain marriage records or certificates centrally; to obtain marriage record information, you must go to the County Court Clerk in the county where the marriage certificate was issued.

Divorce Records

Divorce records are not maintained at a state-level in Oklahoma; you can find them by going to the County Court Clerk in the county where the divorce was granted.

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