New Mexico Public Records

The New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, New Mexico Statutes Annotated Chpt. 14, art. 2 (1978) is the law that allows people to inspect New Mexico’s public records. Under the law, every person has the right to inspect public records unless those laws are exempted by the statute. Exempt public records include those pertaining to physical or mental health examinations and medical treatments of persons confined to an institution; letters of reference for employment, licensing, or permits; letters or memorandums in personnel or student files; law enforcement records that reveal information about people not charged with a crime; material that falls under the Confidential Materials Act; trade secrets, attorney-client privileged information; tactical response plans; or other exceptions found in the law. Even if a record contains protected personal identifier information, the record may still be inspected as long as the personal information is redacted.

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Public & Vital Records for Counties in New Mexico

More About New Mexico

New Mexico is located in the southwestern part of the United States. It shares a border with Mexico. It is the 36th most populated state, but the fifth largest of all the states. The New Mexican economy is dependent on oil drilling, mineral extraction, farming, ranching, lumber milling, and retail trade. It is a very sparsely populated state. New Mexico has a significant military population, especially around the White Sands Military Base, which can lead to a lot of transitions in the population. As a result, we suggest you look in other states, as well, if you are running a background check on someone in New Mexico.

Public Records in NM

The New Mexico Commission of Public Records operates the State Records Center and Archives. This is a repository for many of the state’s public records. It operates an online catalog, known as Heritage, which people can search for historic public records. While state agencies retain control over many modern public records, the Commission of Public Records is responsible for ensuring that those agencies are allowing access to the records and will facilitate people getting access to public records.

Property Records

Like most other states in the United States, New Mexico has several different types of property records. These records include: land records, deed records, and property tax records. Land records refer to a specific type of property record, detailing the original conveyance of land from a government agency to the original private land owner. Deed records are a record of private ownership of land and include conveyances from one owner to another, deeds, mortgages, liens, and other things that impact the title of the land. Property tax records are records of the taxes assessed on a piece of property, whether the taxes have been paid, and the owner of record of the property. You may need to examine all three types or records to get a full understanding of a property’s history and ownership.

Land Records

New Mexico has been under the control of a number of different governments since the history of European settlement began. As a result, private land in the area may have been conveyed by a number of different governments. You can find information about land grants at While not comprehensive, this site gives an overview of the land grants recognized by the New Mexico legislature, and provides you with a good starting point for searches for individual land grants.

Property Tax Records

The New Mexico Property Tax Division is responsible for overseeing the assessment and collection of property taxes throughout the state of New Mexico. To find out information about individual property taxes, you need to visit the county assessor for the county where the property is located.

Deed Records

In New Mexico, deed records are filed with the county clerk’s office in the county in which the land is located. The county clerks allow you to search public records at their sites, which include deeds, mortgages, and liens.

NM Vital Records

The New Mexico Department of Health provides vital statistics for the state of New Mexico. They have birth, death, adoption, putative father registries, and health data.

Birth Records

You can find birth record applications on the website for the New Mexico Department of Health. You have to establish your relationship to the person whose record you are seeking; they are not available to everyone.

Death Records

Death records are available from the New Mexico Department of Health’s Vital Statistics. You must establish a relationship with the person named in the certificate, and false applications are a crime.

Marriage Records

New Mexico’s Department of Health does not maintain marriage records. You must go to the county clerk’s office in the county in which the marriage license was issued.

Divorce Records

The county clerk in the county where the divorce was performed handles divorce records in New Mexico.

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