Kansas Public Records

The Kansas Open Records Act, Kansas Statutes Annotated § 45-215, provides for public access to some of the records kept in the course of governmental business in Kansas. Under this law, any person can request public documents without an explicit statement of purpose. However, one of the unique aspects of the Kansas Open Records Act is that government departments are permitted to reject the request if the request places an unreasonable burden on the department or the department feels like it is designed to disrupt the working of the government. The Kansas Open Records Act does not allow the release of names and addresses for commercial purposes other than political and educational opportunities. The departments have three days to respond to the request.

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Public & Vital Records for Counties in Kansas

More About Kansas

Kansas is the 15th largest state, but with the 35th largest population. It is located in the Midwestern United States. Kansas’s economy is largely based on agriculture. Kansas has experienced some real economic challenges in the past several years, including stagnant job growth, and a budget shortfall that led to a downgrade in the state’s credit rating. If you are doing a background check on anyone in Kansas, you may also want to look in other states if the background check seems incomplete.

Kansas Vital Records

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Office of Vital Statistics is responsible for handling vital statistics for the state. They record deaths, stillbirths, births, marriages, and divorces and issue over 360,000 certified record copies each year. However, in Kansas, these records are not considered public records. Only certain people can receive certified copies of vital records. This list includes: the person named on the record, immediate family members of the person named on the record, legal representatives, and anyone who can prove a direct interest in getting the document.

Birth Records

Ordering a birth certificate in Kansas is a relatively simple process. You can order it in person by going to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Office of Vital Statistics in Topeka, you can order it by mail, you can order it over the phone, or you can order it online.

Death Records

The process for ordering a death certificate in Kansas is the same for ordering a birth certificate, though the person named on the death certificate obviously cannot make the request. You can order them online, by phone, by mail, or in person.

Marriage Records

Marriage records in Kansas are more like public records than birth or death certificates. In addition to being able to order them in-person, by phone, by mail, or online from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Office of Vital Statistics, you may also access them at a local level from the country district court in the county where the marriage license was issued.

Divorce Records

The divorce records available from the Office of Vital Statistics are not complete records of a divorce; they merely detail whether a divorce occurred and give dates. To find out additional information about the divorce, you need to get the divorce decree, which is available in the records of the court that issued the divorce.

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