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W6014 Pautsch Rd
Burnett, WI 53922

Last known residents

W6051 Pautsch Rd
Burnett, WI 53922

Last known residents

Street-flag-icon About Pautsch Road

On average, properties on Pautsch Rd. have an avg. lot size of 1,856,658 ft2. There is 1 airport within a 20-mile radius and 3 cell phone towers within a 5-mile radius.

  • Avg Lot Size

    1,856,658 ft2

  • Avg House Value


  • Avg Prop Tax


    Per Year

  • Avg Area Income


  • Avg Area Unemployment


  • Airports


    20 Mi Radius

  • Cell Towers


    5 Mi Radius

* these figures are approximations based on available deed and tax assessment data

resident-icon Natural Disasters

Earthquake risk around the Pautsch Road area is categorized as “A-”.

Earthquake Risk

A- 10 Mi Radius

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