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Situated in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon boasts a relatively small population of 3,831,074, but the state is seeing steady growth. Residents of the Beaver State are divided into those who live in households and those who live in group quarters. According to the 2010 Census, 3,744,432, or 97.7% of people in Oregon reside in households, while only 86,642, or 2.3%, reside in group quarters like nursing homes, long-term care facilities and prisons. The average household size in Oregon is 2.47, which is an average of owner-occupied units (2.53 occupants) and renter-occupied units (2.36 occupants). 1,518,938 housing units in the state of Oregon are occupied, which amounts to 90.7%, leaving only 9.3% vacant. 62.2% of the 944,485 occupied housing units are owner-occupied and 574,453 (37.8%) are renter-occupied. In accordance with Oregon’s Public Records and Public Meetings Laws, public records belonging to the state are available for anyone to search. Property records are handled by each individual county’s Assessor's office.

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Property Records in OR

Oregon maintains some access to state public records online, though not all of the records are located in a central place. The Oregon Judicial Department has a website that provides free online access to case information from Oregon circuit courts and tax courts. The information is not official, but provided strictly for informational purposes. In addition, the full official register for non-confidential cases can be accessed at courthouse public terminals. You may find additional types of state public records, such as vital statistics or property information, by looking at the relevant sites online.

Property Records

When looking for property or land records, people might be looking for one of three distinct types of records: land records, deed records, or tax records. While all of these records discuss property ownership, they serve different purposes and can provide different types of information to the person seeking information.

Land Records

While the term land records might be used to describe any type of record discussing property ownership, it is also a term used to discuss land grants, which is the conveyance of land from a government to the original private owner. The Oregon Secretary of State maintains records of land grants made under 1850 legislation authorizing the federal government to give land to certain settlers in Oregon. These records include information beyond the land grant and may even include information about naturalization, birth information, and marriage information.

Property Tax Records

Property tax records are records held or maintained by the relevant property tax assessor. Tax records usually include an in-depth description of the property including its boundaries, improvements, and the valuation of the property. Tax records generally state whether or not the owner is current on taxes, current ownership, and can also provide a history of the property’s ownership. Oregon property tax records are handled on a county level and the Oregon Department of Revenue maintains links to county tax assessor websites where you can find local tax rolls.

Deed Records

Deed records are a specific type of property record that describes ownership of other interest in the land. Deeds refer to conveyances from one private owner to another private owner. Deed records also contain other encumbrances on property such as liens or mortgages. In Oregon, deed records are maintained at a county level. The County Recorder’s Office is responsible for recording documents affecting real property ownership and liens on real property.

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