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According to the 2010 Census, New Jersey’s 8,791,894 residents are divided into two main groups: those living in households and those living in group quarters (a group that includes those who are institutionalized). Of those, 8,605,018 live in households and are divided among 3,214,360 occupied housing units (out of a total of 3,553,562 housing units, a number that includes vacant units, for a vacancy rate of 9.5%). 90.5% of all housing units are occupied by 97.9% of New Jersey’s total population, making the average household size nearly 2.8 people per unit. Similar to New York, owner-occupied housing units in New Jersey compose only slightly more than half of housing statewide. 65.4% of units are owner-occupied as opposed to the 34.6% that are occupied by renters. That’s thanks to the heavy density of renters just outside of the NYC metropolitan area. Average rental household size in New Jersey is 2.47 people.

The website provides access to property data like maps, but for more specific information like deeds and mortgage data, the state’s NETROnline service can be used.

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New Jersey Tax Collector & Appraiser Records by County

Property Records in NJ

New Jersey does not maintain a single portal for public records access for the state. However, it does maintain a statewide database of court records, which includes some public access to both criminal and civil records. Other types of public records include property records and vital statistics. They are not located in a single statewide database, but can be found at various local databases.

Property Records

New Jersey’s property records are kept on a state and a local/county basis. They are maintained by the county property tax assessors and the county clerks, as well as the State of New Jersey’s Department of the Treasury, Division of Taxation.

Land Records

The State of New Jersey does not maintain an official statewide repository for land record information. However, a private company has launched a service that conforms to state guidelines and facilitates secured electronic recording of land documents and complies with state laws and the laws and requirements of the counties that use the service. In addition to this service, land records can be accessed at a county level from the County Clerk’s office.

Property Tax Records

New Jersey counties maintain their own property tax records. In addition, property tax information is often available online from the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Taxation.

Deed Records

According to the New Jersey Department of State, the local County Clerk offices are responsible for filing deeds, mortgages, and other instruments impacting land ownership. Some counties may have a County Register of Deeds, who files deeds and mortgages instead of the County Clerk.

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