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St. Louis, Missouri is home to Gateway Arch, which is the tallest man-made monument in the United States. According to the 2010 US Census, the Show-Me State’s population totals approximately 5,988,927 people, divided between those residing in households and those residing in group quarters. 97% of Missouri’s population resides in households—houses, apartments or rented rooms—a percentage which totals 5,814,785 people. The remaining 2.9% or 174,142, reside in group quarters. The Census divides group quarters into institutional (correctional, nursing and/or mental health facilities) and non-institutional (college residences, military living, and shelters). Housing units in Missouri are classified as occupied or vacant. Of the total 2,712,729 units, 87.6% (2,375,611) are occupied and 12.4% (337,118) are vacant. Occupied units are lived in by either their owners or renters. In occupied units, 4,145,569 people live in 1,633,610 owner-occupied units, leading to an average household size of 2.54 people. Renter-occupied units amount to 742,001 homes housing 1,669,216 individuals. As such, the average household size of renter-occupied units in Missouri is 2.25 people. Property records in Missouri can easily be searched online by county through the NETROnline website.

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Property Records in MO

Like most states, Missouri does not have a single place for public records. However, it does have a large amount of information about public records available online. The Missouri State Archives allow you to search the state’s historic legal records, while the Missouri Court System allows you to search current records. Missouri’s vital statistics are maintained by the Missouri Bureau of Vital Records and by local county health agencies, recorders of deeds, and Circuit Court Clerks. These records include birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates. Adoption records can sometimes be found at the state’s voluntary adoption information registry. Property record information is held by local offices in each county.

Property Records

In Missouri, property records are held at the local level. There are three main types of property records: land records, property tax records, and deed records, though the information in these records may overlap. You can search local interactive maps, which can be found in the local county tax assessor’s department or the county GIS department, to find information about property located within that county. These maps can provide you with information about tax valuations, whether taxes have been paid, and specifications about the property including ownership history.

Land Records

In Missouri, the term “land records” is usually used in a distinct way, to separate land records from other types of property records. It is used to refer to land grants from governments to individuals. France, Spain, and the United States all claimed ownership of land in Missouri. Therefore, there are three different types of land grants that one can search for in the Missouri State Archives. These grants would have occurred between 1790 and 1903.

Property Tax Records

In Missouri, property taxes are handled at the local level, though the Missouri Department of Revenue, which is in charge of personal taxes, process claims for property tax credits. Most Missouri counties also keep property tax records online through their tax assessor’s office. You can generally search for information about property using addresses, owner names, or parcel numbers.

Deed Records

In Missouri, the Recorder of Deeds is the county official that is responsible for recording all property records in the county. The County Recorder is responsible for a wide variety of government documents, including: deeds, mortgages, releases, liens, affidavits, wills, as well as issuing marriage licenses, and a copy and archival service.

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