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When it comes to population size, Florida ranks fourth among all fifty states. For a population of approximately 18,801,310 people, Florida’s real estate is made up of 9,152,815 housing units, of which nearly 1,759,553, or 19.2% are vacant. Of the remaining 7,393,262 units, 64.8% are occupied by their owners and the other 35.2% are occupied by renters, thanks to a booming tourism industry. As there is no centralized system organized by the state, public records pertaining to property are kept at various state and local offices. This means that documents relating to deeds, land records, mortgages, and property tax records may be found in the form of documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, films, sound recordings, data processing software, written reports, legal memoranda, databases, written minutes of meetings, training materials, case files, and many other types of materials. Depending on the jurisdiction and the type of property record, a piece of information may be kept, digitally or otherwise, in one or several of the following offices: assessor’s, auditor’s, collector’s, recorder’s, or registrar’s. Interested parties are advised to please call their municipality or jurisdiction’s courthouse for more information and confirmation of how to properly access documents pertaining to property records.

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Property Records in FL

Like many other states, the State of Florida does not have a centralized repository of public records. Instead, it has three general types of public records: property records, vital statistics, and criminal records. These are kept at various state and local offices.

Property Records

Property records are any records relating to real property ownership and can include deeds, mortgages, and tax records.

Land Records

The Florida County Clerk maintains official land records, which include descriptions of land and may include deeds and any encumbrances on a deed, such as a lien, mortgage, or easement.

Property Tax Records

In Florida, there are two entities responsible for property taxes: the county property appraiser and the county tax collector. The county property appraisers often have online searchable databases where one may find information concerning property including property descriptions, owner names, and sale information. County tax collectors can often provide the same information and the amount of taxes due for the property, whether taxes are current, and if a property is at risk of being foreclosed because of failure to pay taxes.

Deed Records

In Florida, deeds are recorded by each county and are filed with the County Clerk of Court. One may be able to search property records online at the Clerk of Court, or contact them for assistance if online records are not available.

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