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According to the 2015 United States Census, the state of California is made up of 37,253,959 individuals, making it the highest populated of all fifty states. When addressing the topic of housing, the Census divides California’s population into two groups: “households” and “individuals in group quarters.” Households are comprised of families with children, non-married couples residing together, , roommates, and similar living arrangements. Those living in “group quarters” include the institutionalized population, those in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, and juvenile detention centers. The vast majority of California residents—36,434,140 individuals, or 97.8% of the population—reside in households. The number of individuals residing in group quarters is 819,816 individuals, or 2.2% of the population. There are a total of 12,680,081 housing units in California, 91.9% of which are occupied (12,577,498 units). The remaining 8.1%, or 1,102,583 units are considered to be vacant. California’s average household size is 2.95, based on 20,742,929 individuals living in 7,035,371 owner-occupied units. In renter-occupied units, 5,542,127 people live in 15,691.211 units, which gives an average household size of 2.83 in this category.

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California Tax Collector & Appraiser Records by County

Property Records in CA

The State of California does not have a single type of public record or a single public record repository. Instead, California public records can be divided into three types: criminal records, vital statistics, and property records.

Property Records

As the name suggests, property records are records that detail things about property. Deeds are property records, but so are other records that impact ownership or title, including tax records, land records, and any liens. In California, property records are maintained by county-level government

Land Records

California land records fall into multiple categories: property tax records, which indicate the owner of a parcel of land, any assessments on the land, and whether property taxes are current; deed records, which indicate ownership, transfers, and liens; property sales listings and characteristics; maps of property; and historical Tax Collector information.

Property Tax Records

Property tax records are available through the office of the County Assessor or Recorder in which the property is located.

Deed Records

Deeds are recorded at a county level and are held in the county where the land is located. In California, deeds are maintained by the Office of the County Recorder. To search for deed records in California, one can look at county clerk records or records from the Office of the County Recorder. The clerk holds the records that the recorder obtains.

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