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When it seems like everyone in the world is connected on the internet or via social media, it can be frustrating to realize some people are still just hard to find. Lost touch with a friend who isn’t on Facebook or Twitter? Need to track down an ex to share important information? Have estranged family members you’d like to reconnect with after a divorce or other crisis event? Searching for a birthparent or child placed for adoption? Our People Search function lets you search through our databases to find old friends, family members, and business contacts. Our People Search function pulls information from available public records databases and consolidates it, allowing you to use one search to look for people in multiple databases. The more information you have, the better, but you can start your search with as little information as a first and last name. If they can’t be found on People Search, our People Find function allows for a more in-depth search. We aren’t limited to information available on the internet, either. Unlike most other search services, we have the capability of sending actual people out to search through public records that have not yet been digitized and made available on-line.

Who is looking for you?

Strange number on the caller i.d., a notice about a certified letter with a return address that is unfamiliar, a message to call someone but the name is unfamiliar? Who hasn’t found themselves wondering who the stranger is that is trying to make contact, and, more importantly, what they want? Our People Search People Directory allows you to reverse lookup phone numbers and addresses to find out who is trying to reach you. Is it a pesky solicitor violating the Do Not Call Registry or something more sinister, like a stalker? Maybe it’s that contest you entered, calling to let you know that you have won. Many times, determining who is looking for you is the first step to finding out why they are looking for you and how you want to handle it. The best part is, your searches are confidential- they won’t know you are searching for them.

Are they telling the truth?

Match, E-Harmony, OkCupid, Tinder- all great ways to meet people, but online dating can make it more difficult to discover if someone is telling the truth. Do they seem too good to be true because they aren’t? People Search can help verify basic information about a person, such as address and home phone number. Run multiple searches with variations on the information and it can help determine whether any other adults live at the same address, which can help you discover vital information, such as whether there is a spouse at the same house!

Of course, it isn’t just dating applications that bring strangers together on the net; almost everything can be done via the web. Ride-sharing services, using Craigslist for buying and selling- these things simplify life and bring people together, but they also introduce an element of the unknown. Use People Search to verify basic information about another person. If that isn’t enough or People Search reveals some inconsistencies, then our Background Check service can help screen for criminal involvement and other red flags about personal behavior.

Finally, we all get so worried about internet safety that we forget to check up on the people we meet in person. However, we interact with many people without knowing their real backgrounds. Kids have a new soccer coach? Did a new family move in next door? Don’t know anything about the new teacher or youth minister? The People Search function can help you get basic information about the people around you, giving you and your family peace of mind.

People Directory

Find people without a search! Our People Search People Directory allows you to find people by looking a list of states, cities, names, addresses, and phone numbers. You do not have to conduct a search to find people; instead, you can look them up in the directory. People Search pulls information from public records, but not just the usual places in the average internet phone directory. We went beyond the average public record search to compile our directory, pulling in information from diverse places such as contest submissions, rebates, property records, automobile sales, and even speeding tickets to provide the most thorough directory available.

Find People

When a People Directory search returns too many hits or a person has taken steps to reduce or eliminate their presence in public records, it’s time to turn to the People Find function. Public record searches have always been an invaluable tool in locating people; anyone who has ever had a collections call for an old roommate knows that business and corporations have always had access to ways to find people. In the past, consolidating those records was a massive effort that prevented the average person from fully utilizing public records. BeenVerified has pulled together that information to make it fast, easy, and affordable to find people using our People Search applications. Once found, if you need more information, you can always use a Background Check or search through Criminal Records to find out more information about the person. Knowledge is power: empower yourself!
What if you don’t want to be found? From stalkers to family troubles, there are many legitimate reasons that a person might want to be difficult to find, but corporations and the government collect a vast amount of public information. One of the best ways to determine whether someone else can find you is to run a search to determine what information about you is available to the public. Public record information updates constantly, so the best way to monitor your online presence is to monitor it regularly. While BeenVerified is in the business of making access to public information fast, easy, and affordable, we are also in the business of privacy. Please see our Opt-Out Instructions if you have concerns about your information being available in our People Directory.