Weight Gain, Password Hack & Creative Walks


Weight Gain, Password Hack & Creative Walks

Justin Lavelle

June 20, 2015

Every week on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn we share interesting stories from around the Web. Here are some of the highlights from this week: 

CDC: Average American Woman Now Weighs As Much As 1960s US Man

In a less desirable development for gender equality, the Center for Disease Control reported that both men and women have packed on the pounds since the 1960s, with the eye-catching fact that today’s woman now weighs on average what a man in the 1960s weighed (166 pounds).

LastPass just got hacked, so it’s time to change your password

Pretty much the last thing you want to see hacked: an online password manager. If you use it, make sure you check your accounts and update your passwords.

Why You Should Go For a Walk When You Need Creative Inspiration

The science is clear: get out of the office and take a walk for a burst of creativity.

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