Which U.S. Counties Have the Most Millionaires?

Which U.S. Counties Have the Most Millionaires?

Which U.S. Counties Have the Most Millionaires?

Justin Lavelle
January 3, 2019

The top 1 percent of the United States’ wealth might be right around your corner, but you might not know how or where to find them.

You could start with this list of U.S. counties with the most millionaires from CNN Money — and as the data shows, California and the southern part of the country are the places to be if you want to live close to America’s wealthy elite.

  1. Los Angeles County, California has more than 268,000 millionaire households (23 percent of the state’s millionaire population), including numerous Hollywood-based celebrities.
  2. Cook County, Illinois, home to Chicago, has more than 170,000 millionaires, or 40 percent of Illinois’ total millionaires.
  3. Orange County, California claims another 10 percent of the state’s millionaires with more than 116,150 households.
  4. Maricopa County, Arizona is the state’s largest county and hosts a whopping 62 percent of its millionaire households (113,414).
  5. San Diego County, California houses nearly 102,140 millionaires, another 9 percent of the Golden State’s millionaire population.
  6. Harris County, Texas holds about 16 percent of the Lone Star State’s millionaire households (99,500), possibly because of the oil industry.
  7. Nassau County, New York stakes the Northeast’s claim on this list with about 79,700 millionaire households (13 percent of the state’s total).
  8. Santa Clara County, California has 6 percent of California’s millionaires: 74,824 households.
  9. Palm Beach County, Florida has more than 71,200 millionaires, 11 percent of all millionaires in the Sunshine State.
  10. King County, Washington boasts more than 68,000 households in its millionaire club, representing about one-third of all Washington state millionaires.

So, how many millionaires do you think are hiding out in your neighborhood? If you’ve ever wanted to know, there’s a way to potentially dig up that information.

Search the full history of a property and its owner

A Look Into the Life of a Millionaire

There are nearly 11 million millionaires in the United States, according to a market insight report from Spectrem Group. Making that kind of money can be achieved in a multitude of ways.

Most divorce details are publicly available, so you may discover that your wealthy neighbor made their millions in a divorce settlement. Judges could seal divorce records for a number of reasons, though, so you might not get the dirty details of anyone’s court proceedings.

Lottery winners often become headlines overnight, so you might find out about your neighbor’s cash winnings just by spotting news camera crews on their front lawn. However, not every lottery winner is publicly announced. Anonymity for lottery winners is a matter of state law, and only seven states allow you to remain anonymous if you want. That means you might be able to find out if your neighbor who just went on a spending spree won the lottery with a quick background check.

Sometimes a healthy influx of funds comes from a lawsuit. If you want to see how your neighbor is doing financially, you could run a public records search on their name to find out about various legal matters they’ve been involved in. A background report can help you connect the dots, if you’re curious.

Surround Yourself with People Who Get It

It’s also possible that your neighbor is a self-made millionaire. If you run a background check on your neighbor and nothing questionable comes up, perhaps you should drum up a conversation about how they made their money. You might be able to get some tips on how to become a millionaire yourself.

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Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.