Inside The Most Famous Trump Properties

Inside The Most Famous Trump Properties

Chloe Seaman
February 21, 2017

President Trump has been making frequent visits to his favorite properties outside the White House and Trump Tower, including his ocean-side mansion, Mar-a-Lago in Florida and the Trump Bedminster golf club in New Jersey. For members this can mean excitement but also a brighter spotlight than this wealthy clique might be used to, as when Trump and his cabinet began conducting an emergency foreign policy meeting during a recent dinner at one of the clubs dining areas.

We look at these exclusive Trump properties and what it takes to be a member:


A Brief History

Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago was donated to the U.S. government in 1973 by wealthy socialite, Marjorie Merriweather Post. And when it was donated, it was to be used as the “winter White House.” Interesting now that Trump is president.

What does it mean to be a member?

From how much it costs to how you can join:

  • Only 20 to 40 new members are admitted per year.

  • Unlike the White House, the club has no public access or official visitor log.

  • Just because you’re a member, doesn’t mean you can talk to the president (as evidenced by the Secret Service recently setting up a rope around the president’s table).

  • You must be friends with an existing member to become one yourself (Bernd Lembcke, the club’s managing director, said “we are very careful in vetting them [those interested in becoming members]”).

  • The initiation fee to join was bumped to $200,000 on January 1st. That’s double from what it was before Trump was elected president.


Nearly 500 wealthy people, comprised of dozens of real estate developers, Wall Street financiers, energy executives, and those whose businesses could be affected by Trump’s policies, pay to stay and play at the “Winter White House.”

Some of these wealthy individuals include:

  • William I. Koch; CEO of Oxbow Carbon and estranged brother of his notorious siblings.

  • Thomas Peterffy; This billionaire trader spent over $8 million on political ads in 2012.

  • George Norcross; Insurance executive, South Jersey Democratic Party boss and friend of Trump.

  • Janet Weiner; Part owner and chief financial officer the Rockstar energy drink company.

Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster

A Brief History

The Bedminster property once belongs to late automaker, John DeLorean, who made the car that’s famous for its role in the movie, Back to the Future. In 2000, the land was sold at a bankruptcy auction. Then in 2002, Trump purchased the property for about $35 million. What’s now the golf shop used to be DeLorean’s garage and the clubhouse was his mansion.

What does it mean to be a member?

From how much it costs to how you can join:

  • This course is considered one of the crown jewels of Trump’s golf portfolio. It was designed by renowned golf architect, Tom Fazio and includes two 18-hole courses.

  • Membership costs about $300,000.

  • Trump has a cottage on site and spends many weekends there during golf season, playing golf and dining with members.

  • It’s reported that Trump will build a cemetery in Bedminster for Trump National Golf Club members and veterans.

  • If you can afford a membership, you might be “specifically destined to be a part of this exclusive club.”


There are 425 members at the club, most of which live in New Jersey. Those members include politicians and celebrities, and other “special people,” as Trump described.

Some of these “special” individuals include:

  • Joe Torre; former Yankees manager.

  • Rudy Giuliani; former New York City Mayor and current top Trump advisor.

  • Todd Christie; Wall Street executive and brother of New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

  • Bill Clinton; former President and husband of Hillary.

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Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.