Escaped Convicts, Twitter and Apple Watch


Escaped Convicts, Twitter and Apple Watch

Justin Lavelle

June 12, 2015

Every week on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn we share interesting stories from around the Web. Here are some of the highlights from this week:

Manhunt Underway For 2 Murderers Who Escaped NY Prison

We posted this story on our Twitter feed on Monday about two dangerous convicts who escaped from a New York prison…and the bad news they are still on the loose as of this writing. An international manhunt continues into its sixth day. People in the area should be exercise caution.

Apple Watch getting the same anti-theft security as the iPhone

Apple’s big WWDC event this week offered a number of new details including software updates for its newest product, the Apple Watch. The WatchOS 2 update will include the same activation lock that’s found on your iPhone, making it less susceptible to theft.

Twitter adds ability to create, share “block lists”

Twitter has taken a lot of heat in the past few months as trolling, harassment (sexual and otherwise) and hate speech easily flow through its platform. The company is making efforts in light of the criticism and continue to roll out more sophisticated tools to block anonymous attackers and spammers.

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