The 5 Richest People in The World 2017


The 5 Richest People in The World 2017

March 7, 2017

Do you aspire to create wealth for yourself?

If the answer is “yes!” then you might be inspired by the following people; they’re the current top five richest in the world.

And all of them are self-made billionaires.

So, just how did they earn their massive wealth? And how much are they worth?

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Net worth: $58.5 billion

Source of wealth: Self-made; Facebook

While a sophomore at Harvard University in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched – an early version of what everyone knows today as simply, Facebook.

After Zuckerberg dropped out of school to work full-time as CEO, Facebook exploded in popularity. Today, more than a billion people use the social networking site daily. It’s also worth nearly $400 billion.

Two years ago, Zuckerberg pledged to give away 99% of his wealth through his lifetime along with wife, Priscilla Chan, through their organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

4. Amancio Ortega

Net worth: $68.5 billion

Source of wealth: Self-made; Inditex

Starting out as a delivery boy for a local clothing store at 14, Amancio Ortega turned a small-town dress shop into Spanish fashion giant, Inditex – “one of the largest fashion empires on the planet.”

The company’s biggest brand, Zara, is known for appealing to customers who seek new styles at affordable prices.

As the fourth richest person on Earth, Ortega likes to live humbly and eat with his employees in the cafeteria.

3. Jeff Bezos

Net worth: $73.1 billion

Source of wealth: Self-made;

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded the company that would introduce e-commerce to the world.

He started Amazon in his garage as an online book retailer. Three years later, the company went public and began selling nearly everything one could imagine, from consumer-electronics products to food.

In 2016, Amazon generated $136 billion in revenue.

Bezos has invested his wealth in his interests. He owns a space company called Blue Origin and bought The Washington Post newspaper in 2013.

2. Warren Buffett

Net worth: $77.2 billion

Source of wealth: Self-made; Berkshire Hathaway

At 11-years-old, Warren Buffet purchased his first shares in the stock market; buying Cities Service Preferred at $38 apiece and selling them for a $5 profit.

After working as a securities analyst in the early 50s, Buffet started his own investment firm. He bought textile company Berkshire Hathaway and transformed it into a holding company.

His choice of investments has made him the second richest person in the world today.

Though he has already given $25 billion of his fortune away, he and friend / fellow billionaire, Bill Gates have promised to give away at least half of their wealth to charity through Giving Pledge, an organization they created for billionaires.

1. Bill Gates

Net worth: $85.2 billion

Source of wealth: Self-made; Microsoft

At 20-years-old, Bill Gates cofounded Microsoft; which would become the world’s largest PC software company. Because of this, he’s also one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution.

Though he’s no longer actively involved with Microsoft, Gates’ net worth still increased by $10.6 billion in the last year alone.

Through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation he started with his wife, Gates now strives to help people out of poverty.

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