5 Famous Trump Supporters

5 Famous Trump Supporters

Chloe Seaman
November 4, 2016

A lot of prominent Trump supporters have renounced their support for the candidate in recent weeks, including “more than a third of female Republican lawmakers.” But here’s a list of five supporters you may not know about.

1. Tom Brady, NFL quarterback

Though the Patriots quarterback and husband to Victoria’s Secret model, Gisele Bündchen hasn’t formally endorsed Trump, the hints suggest he may support him.

In September 2015, a reporter snapped a photo which revealed Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat clearly sitting in Brady’s locker.

When asked about it, Brady called it a “nice keepsake.” About the possibility of a Trump presidency, he said a Trump win “would be great.”

In response to if he thought Trump had a chance at winning the general election, Brady added, “I hope so. That would be great. There’d be a putting green on the White House lawn. I know that.”

Brady called Trump “a good friend” and stated, “I support all my friends.”

Last month when asked about the crude remarks Trump made in the “locker room talk” leaked video, Brady refused to answer and walked off the podium at a press conference.

We can’t say Brady is voting for Trump. He hasn’t explicitly endorsed him. The quarterback might just want to keep his opinions private. In a radio interview, he did say, “Can I just stay out of this debate?”

2. Palmer Luckey, co-founder of Oculus

This 24-year-old billionaire is the co-founder of Oculus, the virtual reality company that was acquired by Facebook earlier this year for $2 billion.

He has financially supported a pro-Trump group called Nimble America and helped “create Internet-wide memes that targeted Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.” Posting comments on Reddit from the now-deleted username “NimbleRichMan,” Luckey said his involvement with the group “sounded like a real jolly good time.”

However, has backlash caused this supposed Trump supporter to change his view?

Many developers turned against him, pulling their support from Oculus.

In September, Luckey took to his Facebook page to apologize, stating, “I am deeply sorry that my actions are negatively impacting the perception of Oculus and its partners. The recent news stories about me do not accurately represent my views.”

3. Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr., owner of Yuengling Beer

A couple weeks ago, the owner of the 187-year-old beer company voiced his support for Trump as he gave the presidential nominee’s son, Eric Trump a tour of the Pennsylvania brewery.

According to the Reading Eagle, Yuengling told the younger Trump, “Our guys are behind your father. We need him in there.”

Since he bought the company from his father in 1985, Yuengling has built his family’s struggling brewery into $550 million enterprise. He also ranks 361st on Forbes’ Top 400 wealthiest in 2016.

4. Peter Thiel, billionaire tech investor

Listed at 246th on Forbes’ Top 400 in 2016, Thiel is an entrepreneur turned venture investor. He was the co-founder of PayPal and “Facebook’s first professional investor.”

Now he’s investing in Trump. Pledging $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign last month, Thiel stated, “I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump has said and done. I don’t think the other millions of people voting either do. We’re voting for Trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed.”

5. Jon Voight, actor

The award-winning actor expressed his support for Trump in a lengthy statement to Breitbart News earlier this year.

In an interview with the same news outlet, Voight said Trump is “an answer to our problems,” but also added, “I’m not someone who’s saying he’s the best of this group. I’m saying I like this guy.”

Election Day is coming soon. We’ll soon find out whether these Trump supporters will be celebrating with their candidate, or left disappointed, soon.

Update: Donald Trump was elected 45th president of the United States.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.