The Monterey Homes of "Big Little Lies"

The Monterey Homes of "Big Little Lies"

Chloe Seaman
March 14, 2017

Perhaps more fascinating than the characters of HBO’s new drama series Big Little Lies, are the houses in which they live.

Set in Monterey, California, the character’s picturesque, oceanfront houses seem to be stealing the show for many viewers.

The backdrop of these homes serves an important purpose in the show. If you look closely, “each at-home scene reveals some secret about the character’s inner lives.”

Producer and writer, David E. Kelley adapted the series from a book, where the story is originally set in Australia.

And when considering the Americanized setting for the show, Kelley explained how Monterey had the look and feel they were seeking:

“It’s a beautiful town where people aspire to be the best they can be. Amid that beauty, you have the affluent and the blue-collar workers living amongst each other, their kids going to school together. It suited itself very well to this story — and beyond that, it just has a hypnotic beauty.”

The NY Times also described Monterey as “a working-class tourist town.”

Living in Monterey

After seeing Big Little Lies and its beautiful homes, do you want to pay a visit, or even consider moving there?

If you do, then the show’s producers may have accomplished their location-scouting mission. Kelley added that “we were looking to draw the audience in and (have them say) ‘I want to go there on vacation.’”

Well, you can’t talk about housing without numbers and so… more than half of the homes in Monterey are in the $500k to $999k price range; with 11.8% at $1,000,000 or more.

Oscar-winning actor and director, Clint Eastwood has a 4.7-acre estate in Pebble Beach – about a 16-minute drive from Monterey. Earlier this year though, Eastwood put this Spanish Colonial mansion for sale on the market at $9.75 million.

Monterey is also home to the Robert Louis Stevenson House, named after the writer who famously wrote Treasure Island. Some even say that it was Stevenson’s walks along the Monterey Peninsula that inspired the tale.

Beyond Monterey

While Monterey has served as an important setting in Big Little Lies, it’s interesting to note that only one of the main character’s homes is actually located in the city.

The other two homes are in Malibu, California – about 300 miles south of Monterey.

That’s because “if you go up and down the Monterey Peninsula there are only a handful of houses that are actually on the beach itself,” said the show’s location manager, Gregory Alpert.

And the ocean, with its “moments of meditation” and “times of fright,” pays an important role in this murder-mystery series.

Research more

If you’re inspired by Big Little Lies and want to get a Monterey-inspired home without Monterey (or Malibu) prices, check out these neighboring cities that have more affordable housing:

Seaside, CA (Monterey County)

Median home price: $346,600

Marina, CA (Monterey County)

Median home price: $360,500

Salinas, CA (Monterey County)

Median home price: $276,200

Gonzales, CA (Monterey County)

Median home price: $218,600

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