How to Find Email Addresses From Facebook

How to Find Email Addresses From Facebook

How to Find Email Addresses From Facebook

S.E. Slack
January 17, 2023

Whether you’re looking to send a friend a quick personal email outside of social media or you’re a business owner trying to find email addresses for a marketing campaign, there are lots of reasons you might need to locate an email address for someone on Facebook. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on your specific needs.

Four ways to try to find emails on Facebook

1. Look in Their Facebook Profile

The quickest and easiest way to find an individual email address is to try and get it from the person’s profile page. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the person’s profile page.
  2. Under the person’s name is a menu. Click About.

  3. In the About section, click Contact and basic info.

  4. If the person has added an email address to their account for others to see, it will be shown here under Contact info.

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2. Use the Facebook Find Person method

If you aren’t friends with the person, you can find them using the main search bar on Facebook. This is called the Facebook Find Person method, and you can quickly get to the People search using, but you can also follow these steps from anywhere on Facebook:

  1. Type the person’s name into the search bar, located at the top left of Facebook’s global navigation bar.

    2. Click Search for and enter the person you’re seeking). 3. Under Search results, click People. This is where the Facebook Find Person method starts.

    4. You have a few choices next: You can narrow the search by Friends, City, Education or Work. You can also scan the right-hand results pane to see if the person you’re looking for has already popped up in the results.

If the person doesn’t appear in any results, even after narrowing things down, it could be that they don’t have a Facebook account. In those cases, using a third-party search tool might be a good option for you.

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3. Use a third-party search tool

If you’re having trouble locating someone’s email address on Facebook, it might be time to use a third-party search tool and ditch Facebook altogether. BeenVerified has a very easy username search tool you can use to try and find people, phone numbers, addresses and email information, too.

This kind of tool is particularly helpful when you’re searching for more common names (like John Jones) because it can take social media usernames to track down other types of information. So even if you don’t have a person’s Facebook information but you do have a username from, say, Snapchat, the tool could help you track down an email address that way.

4. Message the person directly

If none of these methods are successful, you can always use the old-fashioned route of messaging the person whose email address you need. Send them a Facebook message directly from their profile page; just click or tap the Message button to get started.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.