BV Profile: Matt Murphy, Business Intelligence

BV Profile: Matt Murphy, Business Intelligence

Chloe Seaman
Updated November 21, 2019

You already know BeenVerified is the master of public data, but ever wonder who’s the master of BeenVerified’s data? Step forward…

What’s your name?

Matt Murphy

What’s your job title? and what does that really mean you do here?

Business Intelligence Manager: Basically, I see business intelligence as combining data and other forms of evidence with rational and analytic thinking in order to answer questions and solve problems. I’ve looked at everything from how many call center agents we will need to hire for the next 6 months, to should we expand or discontinue a particular marketing initiative, to more abstract questions around the future of the company. Ultimately, having a better understanding of how our business and industry function should allow BeenVerified to make smarter business decisions.

How long have you worked at BV?

I’ve been working at BV almost 8 months now.

What did you do before BV? How did you end up at BV?

Before working at BV, I majored in Finance and Economics at Penn State (graduating in 2013) and then worked as a business analyst at a large financial institution for 3 years. I enjoyed my time there, met some great people, and learned a lot, but due to the company’s size it could take months (or even years) to see my analysis translated into real-world results.

So, after 3 years, I was ready to make a change and found an opening with BeenVerified online, interviewed, and received an offer which I’m very happy to have accepted. I’m doing similar work now as I was doing previously, but have much more responsibility and I’m able to learn about many different parts of the business instead of being limited to a small area. BeenVerified also moves much faster than my old company and after only 7 months I’ve already been able to see some of my projects implemented and begun to positively impact the business.

What’s your day-to-day like?

Most of my day-to-day consists of pulling data, doing research, and performing analysis on areas of the business that we’re interested in better understanding. Interspersed with that are meetings with team members and external partners and presentations to leaders of the company. As I mentioned previously, analysis extends over many areas of the business, from marketing to the call center and how payments are being processed.

In addition to my day-to-day work, I’ve had a lot of interesting opportunities outside the office as well. These include traveling down to Miami to visit our call center, attending technology conferences, and meeting with potential vendors.

What’s your favorite thing about the BV office? Or culture?

When I first joined BV, the company had just moved into a new office building. So, during my first few months here, it was really cool seeing it grow from an ordinary office into a really cool space to work with chalkboard walls, hand-painted conference rooms, and of course, beer on tap. The free snacks, drinks, and weekly lunches are definitely nice as well.

The culture here is great too and I really enjoy working with so many talented and driven, yet at the same time laid-back and fun people. There is a ton of flexibility and autonomy granted from senior leaders as they trust you to get your work done which I really appreciate (especially as I’m a relatively new hire).

Tell us something surprising about you that not many people know:

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much about me that is surprising. So in lieu of that, here are 3 mildly surprisingly things:

  1. I took second place in a breadstick-eating contest back in college

  2. My uncle played for the Pittsburgh Steelers (for a year)

  3. I was at one time ranked top-5 in the world at the RTS game HaloWars

What are your biggest outside interests and hobbies?

In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading, cooking & trying new foods, craft beer, and listening to podcasts. I also like to grill-out and brew beer, but unfortunately due to the size of my tiny Manhattan apartment, I’m limited to those activities when I’m back home in central-Pennsylvania. Having a degree in finance and economics, I’m interested in those topics, as well as politics, business, and technology. I’m also a big Steelers and Penn State football fan.

What is a book, movie, or song that inspires you?

I recently read Ashlee Vance’s book on Elon Musk (Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future) and thought it was inspiring. Musk immigrated to Canada before he was 18 and, starting out with very little, he worked incredibly smart and hard to advance to where he is today. On top of that, his motives (clean energy, space travel) seem to be altruistic, with the aim to benefit society, rather than just personal self-interest.

What’s your favorite BV lunch that we have on free lunch Wednesdays?

BBQ from Mighty Quinn’s.

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