Speeding Tickets

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A speeding ticket is a traffic violation alleging that a driver was exceeding the maximum permitted speed for a road at certain conditions. Usually speeding tickets are given when a driver exceeds the maximum posted speed or speed limit for a road, but drivers may also receive speeding tickets without exceeding the maximum posted speed if weather or other conditions trigger state or local laws that require drivers to reduce their speeds. Generally, speeding tickets are not considered criminal violations, but are considered municipal violations. However, they can carry some of the same penalties as misdemeanor criminal violations.

When people think about crimes and criminal histories, they rarely think about traffic offenses. After all, what driver has not been in a hurry and then glanced at the speedometer to discover he or she was speeding? However, speeding tickets are criminal offenses, and even a single speeding ticket can have negative repercussions for a driver including fees, costs, increased insurance rates, and even rendering that driver ineligible for certain occupations or responsibilities for some duration of time after the traffic offense.

Speeding Tickets Are Very Common

On average, more than 100,000 people a day get a speeding ticket in the United States. About 20% of driver’s each year will receive a speeding ticket. Given that speeding tickets generate more than $6 billion in revenue each year, many people think of them as simply a money-making tool for local governments. However, the reality is that speed limits are intended to keep people on the roadways safer. As car speed increases, the likelihood of surviving a traffic accident is dramatically reduced, and elevated speeds also make it more difficult to avoid an accident if a driver encounters unanticipated traffic conditions. While speeding tickets are relatively common, an abundance of traffic tickets might be a red flag that the driver is careless about personal safety and the safety of others.

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