A lawsuit is a case in a court of law brought by one party against another party, in which the party bringing the lawsuit (plaintiff) alleges a wrongdoing by the party against whom the lawsuit has been brought (defendant) and seeks a remedy for that wrongdoing. In most lawsuits, the remedy sought is monetary damages, but lawsuits may also seek other remedies.

In the United States, it is possible for almost anyone to bring a lawsuit about almost anything. While there are rules that allow courts to punish those who bring frivolous lawsuits, simply by bringing a lawsuit against a defendant, a plaintiff can put pressure on the defendant to settle. In fact, even a frivolous lawsuit can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs, which a defendant may be unable to recover from a plaintiff. On the other hand, plaintiffs who face a legitimate wrong doing from defendants with substantial financial resources may never be able to recover successfully in a court of law because of the financial costs associated with bringing a lawsuit.

Learning about whether an individual has been involved in lawsuits can provide a window into that person’s personality. While a person might be victimized by a small number of frivolous lawsuits, the presence of a large number of lawsuits against a person, especially if the lawsuits allege the same or similar issues, is suggestive that a person engages in repetitive harmful behavior towards other parties. For example, a person who has been sued by several past creditors might be less trustworthy with money than the average person. On the other hand, if a person is involved in a number of different lawsuits as a plaintiff, it may be suggestive of a person who is easily slighted and has a difficult time moving past difficulties.

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