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A legal judgment is a court’s decision regarding the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in a legal action or proceeding. The judgment will state which party prevailed in a dispute and outline any remedies. In addition to providing the court’s decision regarding the dispute, judgments also often contain explanations of why a court ruled in a particular manner.

While the term has generally been used to refer to court decisions about a legal matter, it has been expanded could also be applied to a decision by any final decision-maker or arbiter in a dispute.

There are several different types of legal judgments: consent judgments, declaratory judgments, default judgments, interlocutory judgments, reserved judgments, summary judgments, and vacated judgments. The nature of the judgment does not have an impact on the validity of the judgment, but some judgments may be more vulnerable to challenges. For example, a default judgment is rendered when one party fails to appear to take action in a dispute. A defendant can challenge a default judgment if he or she is able to successfully demonstrate that they did not receive notice of a lawsuit. In addition, summary judgments, which are based on the totality of the pleadings, are often appealed to higher courts. Therefore, the nature of the judgment may be indicative of the strength of the judgment and its vulnerability to reversal upon appeal.

In Background Checks

Background checks can reveal if a person has any outstanding judgments against them and the liabilities associated with those judgments. Usually the liabilities are going to be financial, but a person may have additional obligations based on judgments. Furthermore, the term judgment is sometimes used to refer to the decision in a criminal court case. In those instances, the court’s judgment would be guilty, not guilty, or possibly result in a mistrial.

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