BeenVerified - Common Questions

BeenVerified helps people access and understand public data for use in their everyday lives. Here, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about our company and the services we provide.

What is BeenVerified?

BeenVerified was founded in 2007 and aggregates countless sources of public records and puts them in one report. Our mission is to do so in an affordable, accurate and easy-to-use manner.

BeenVerified is a website that provides a searchable database of aggregated public records. You can search a name on the site to locate addresses, phone numbers, relatives, court records, and much more. You can also run searches on addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. All searches are run by you in your account, once you sign up for an account.

For more information and for a quick video explaining public records, please Click Here

How do I access the login page? It’s not on the main website

If you are an existing member you can visit and click the “LOG IN” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Alternatively, you can also use this URL to go directly to the Log In page:

Then you will need to enter the email address you used to sign-up to BeenVerified and your password.

Depending on your browser settings, you may be automatically logged in OR your browser may auto-fill your email and password.

Your subscription to BeenVerified includes more than searching people reports - it also includes access to Property, Phone Number, Email and Vehicle reports.

All included search types are located at the top of the page (in the header).


To use BeenVerified’s People Search, select the ‘People’ option at the top of the page and provide as much information as you can to help us search the person you are looking for. Alternatively, you can also search for people at a specified address.


BeenVerified’s Phone Search is a reverse lookup service - provide a phone number and BeenVerified may return the potential owner of that phone number along with other relevant information about that person or company. This includes typical phone numbers and 1-800 numbers.


The Email Search works much in the same way as the Phone Search - provide an email address and BeenVerified may return the potential owner of that email address along with other relevant information about that person or company.


Property Search tool includes the ability to search information on almost any property, find properties for sale, and search for pre-foreclosure properties.


With BeenVerified you can search a vehicle by VIN, license plate, or by year, make, and model to search vehicle records. We collect this information from a number of sources to make it easy-to-access for those looking to learn more about a vehicle.

Tips on searching

To find what you’re looking for, it’s important to provide accurate and precise information. We’ve got some tips for your people, address and vehicle searches!

For People Searches, simply enter the person’s first and last name into the search bar. If you get lots of results, you can add additional criteria, such as the State (or City and State) where you last know the person to have lived, or an age range.

Similarly, when scrolling through the results, look for know places of residence to help identify the correct search result.

Within moments, you’ll get a list of potential matches to help you try and find the person you’re looking for along with additional information. Simply select the best match and click “View Person Report”

When conducting an address search, please provide the street address, city, state, and zip of the property you are interested in. BeenVerified provides real-time autocomplete which displays as you are entering your search details - clicking on the verified address prompt will help ensure you are finding what you are looking for.

Tips for Vehicle Searches

For Vehicle Searches, the Year, Make, and Model Search does not identify a specific vehicle, like the License Plate and VIN Searches can. As such, the following data points would not be included in a Year, Make, and Model Search, which provides more general information on vehicles.

  • Detailed History
  • Sale Listings
  • Accident History
  • Salvage Records
  • Theft Records

Are my searches private?

Yes, searches are private. Your search history is only viewable if you log into the platform, and should only be accessed by you, the owner of the account.

Similarly, you cannot find out who has searched for you.

Where does the information from each section come from, in general? How far can you go back for the results?

Why no results?

BeenVerified partners with a number of publicly available data providers as well as 3rd party providers of specialty data to generate the most comprehensive sets of data and information to help you find what you are looking for.

BeenVerified is an easy-to-use website with a collection of public record information. Public records are collected through official government records such as mortgage deeds and court records, and through sources such as magazine subscriptions, warranty cards and utility bills.

Sometimes the information they collect is not always 100% correct. However, we can only work with the information provided to us within public data. We continuously strive to update and expand our databases in order to provide you with the most current and accurate information we possibly can.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out the Monitoring feature, which you can activate on up to ten reports you have run. Once Monitoring is activated, you will be notified as soon as we receive any new information in that report, such as a new phone number, address or even court record.

How far can you go back for the results?

This data is often updated regularly but each provider has different capabilities when it comes to historical data. Due to the broad range of data sources we employ, not all data has the same historical timeframe.

What searches can you do? What’s included?

If you’ve signed up for a paid subscription, you have access to a limited number of reports each month! These can include, when available: property reports, people reports, phone number reports, email reports and vehicle reports.

When I look myself up there is a lot of people with my same name. Why is that?

BeenVerified’s People Search includes records from across the country - if you see more than one record available, it means that our database has records for multiple people with the same name. Additional information in the search results, such as relatives and known locations can also help you identify the correct search result.

Where does the unclaimed money come from how to get it?

Unclaimed money, also called unclaimed property, is money that is held by the state after the rightful owner fails to collect it, typically within the period of a year. There are many reasons why there may be money that you have not yet claimed: switching bank accounts, moving, and overpaying a bill are just some of the common reasons why money that is rightfully yours may not have been able to be returned to you.

Your state of residence may be holding your unclaimed money for the following reasons:

  • Overpaying a bill, then relocating: The state will collect and safeguard your money if a company cannot locate you or doesn’t know your new address.
  • Switching bank accounts during a move.
  • Bank failures.
  • Unpaid wages or unclaimed pensions.
  • Tax refunds: If your refund was unclaimed or undelivered, the state may keep it until you claim it.
  • Inheritance: The state may safeguard your inheritance if you do not claim it.

The average amount of money unclaimed by an individual tends to be between $50 to $100.

With BeenVerified, the only information you need to search for any unclaimed funds is your first and last names and the state you believe may be holding that money (which may be the state you currently reside in or any state you previously lived in). If you find unclaimed money associated with your name, BeenVerified will try and redirect you to the applicable, official state website to start the claims process, which is typically free.

BeenVerified offers an easy way to search for unclaimed money in different states from one website. However, once you are ready to file a claim, each state has their own claims process that may vary in complexity. To file a claim that unclaimed money is yours, you may have to consult your state’s laws and regulations — each state has its own rules on how to retrieve this money, such as whether or not you can do it online, or if you have to do it by mail. You will also likely have to prove that the money is yours by presenting a form of identification.

The time it will take to get your money depends on the state. Some states can process claims in as little as 2 weeks, whereas others may take as long as 6 months. For more detailed information, you may want to inquire about the timeline and whether or not you will be able to check up on the status of the claim online.

Can I see text messages?

No, we do not provide reports with text messages. However, you can search for a phone number to see more information about who the message may be coming from.

If there is a report for me does this mean I am a criminal?

The existence of a BeenVerified People Search report does not indicate that an individual is a criminal. BeenVerified People Search reports provide an array of publicly available information, including available contact information, photos, age, relatives, associates, assets, job and education history, as well as digitized criminal and traffic record information.

Do you offer 1 time searches?

No, we do not offer 1 time searches on BeenVerified.

How to upgrade

To upgrade, please go to the upgrade page. If you aren’t satisfied with the available plan options, you can select the custom plan link at the bottom of your screen when logged in or contact our customer service team and one of our dedicated account reps would be happy to help you choose the best plan for you.

How to get custom plans

All of our plans are flexible and allow you to change or cancel your subscription whenever you want. If you want to cancel, then simply reach out to our friendly customer service team and we’ll cancel your subscription quickly and painlessly.

To upgrade, please go to the upgrade page. If you aren’t satisfied with the available plan options, you can select the request custom plan link at the bottom of your screen when logged in or contact our customer service team and one of our dedicated account reps would be happy to help you choose the best plan for you.

How many reports have I run?

If you are interested in seeing how many reports you have run during the current billing cycle, you can find this information by:

  1. Select the MENU option at the top of the page, on the right side of your screen
  2. Select MY ACCOUNT
  3. At the top of the MY ACCOUNT page, you’ll see how many reports you have run and how many reports are included with your subscription

If you are in need of additional reports, please select the UPGRADE PLAN option and select the option that best suits your needs.

When does my report limit renew?

  • Your monthly report limit will renew each month of your plan’s term. For example, if you signed up on a monthly plan on January 10, your report limit and plan would renew on February 10.
  • If you signed up for a 3 month plan on January 10, your report limit would renew each month on the 10th (February 10, March 10) and then your entire plan would renew on April 10 (i.e. you would be billed on April 10 to begin another 3 month plan period).
  • Report counts don’t roll over month over month. Each month your report limit should renew on the renewal date

“I was doing a survey site and it said to claim my reward but now I’m being charged. Why is that?”

We collaborate with many affiliates that provide consumers with referral incentives. These incentives are directly handled and administered by each individual affiliate. Please contact the original affiliate you signed up with regarding any incentives that may be due to you.

Is there a lien on my/this address?

To find lien information about a property:

  1. Conduct an ADDRESS REPORT search on the property by searching the address
  2. View the ADDRESS REPORT
  3. Scroll down to the LIENS section of the report (or if you are on viewing the site on computer, click on the PROPERTY VALUE link on the left side of the page)

This section of the report will display lien information.

Can I see the estimated value of my property?

To search the estimated value of a property:

  1. Conduct an ADDRESS REPORT search on the property by searching the address
  2. View the ADDRESS REPORT
  3. Scroll down to the PROPERTY VALUE section of the report (or if you are on viewing the site on computer, click on the PROPERTY VALUE link on the left side of the page)

This section of the report will provide you with estimated property values.

Why can’t I find the apartment building I am looking for?

At BeenVerified, our goal is to provide our customers with the most accurate and comprehensive property information. However due to way our data is sourced, sometimes there are gaps in it. Apartment buildings are one example: Some apartment buildings have multiple addresses associated with a single location and in some of these situations, our data providers do not differentiate between the two. This is something BeenVerified is working on and we hope to have what you are looking for in the near future.

If you happen to find an address that does not exist in our database, please let us know and we will do our best to include it in the future.

Phone: 1-866-885-6480 Email:

Where can I see title listings? Is there any salvage or accident history?

You can find title Record, accident history and salvage record information on VIN and License Plate reports when available and you can get quick access to them by clicking the appropriate section in the report menu.

For title listings, due to the Drivers Privacy Protection Act, we do not provide personal identifiable information on the owners of the vehicles. The DPPA requires all States to protect the privacy of personal information contained in an individual’s motor vehicle record, including limiting the use of a driver’s motor vehicle record to certain purposes.

For accident history, Bumper reports may not include historical accident records for all states. We strongly recommend your own due diligence and checking additional sources for states not listed in our reports. However, salvage records are available for all 50 states. As a reminder, even for states where we may have data, we cannot guarantee the comprehensiveness/accuracy of the information provided and you should not rely solely on our data in order to determine whether or not a vehicle was ever involved in an accident.

Is BeenVerified a legit site?

Yes! BeenVerified helps people access public information in a simple way. The Freedom of Information Act requires public agencies to allow access to their public information. BeenVerified aggregates and regularly updates the information, compiling it into an easy-to-use report.

Is BeenVerified safe to use?

Absolutely. Your privacy is important to us. BeenVerified compiles our reports from information that is publicly available. We do not go through private data. Any information you personally share with us will not be added to our search results and we do not sell the information you provide to us to third parties. Learn more about our privacy policies on this page. For answers to specific questions, contact us at

Can I get a refund from BeenVerified?

Because every information inquiry is different, we handle all refund requests on a case-by-case basis. If, for whatever reason, you would like to request a refund, please call our Customer Care line at 1-866-885-6480 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I cancel my BeenVerified subscription?

If you no longer need our services, you can call our Customer Care line any time at 1-866-885-6480. You can also cancel online by emailing or using our Contact Us form. Whether you’re canceling your subscription online or through the phone, please have your nine-digit membership ID ready.

How much does BeenVerified cost?

When you sign up for BeenVerified for the first time, you’re brought to a page with the latest signup deals and offers. We also list all of our current pricing plans here. Our mission to make public records affordable and accessible means we customize our pricing to best fit our customers’ needs.

Is BeenVerified free?

Our services are not free. Traditionally, public records have been maintained by governments and large corporations. While it is publicly available, the data is often hard to find (requiring trips to courthouses for example) and expensive to access (requiring fees for individual records). BeenVerified merges public records into affordable, easy to understand reports. No need to pay hundreds of dollars, visit thousands of county clerks, and search millions of websites to find the public records you need. To use BeenVerified, you can subscribe to a monthly plan in order to access our services. Each month you’ll have access to our various types of searches, which may include names and previous aliases, associates, relatives, address history, phone numbers, email addresses and criminal records.

Is BeenVerified FCRA compliant?

BeenVerified is not a consumer reporting agency and does not provide consumer reports, which are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our services help everyday consumers access public records for a variety of reasons—to reconnect with a loved one or a former colleague; look up unknown or suspicious phone numbers or email addresses; search a property address in your community; and much more. Customers are expressly restricted from using BeenVerified for the following purposes, which would be subject to FCRA compliance:

  • Employment screenings
  • Hiring of household workers
  • Tenant screenings
  • Educational admissions and benefits
  • Assessing credit or insurance worthiness
  • Reviewing business transactions

You may find additional information on permitted and prohibited use cases here.

Yes, all of the information BeenVerified provides is legally obtained through public records. Our services offer a potential solution for those who are looking for information that is already part of the public record. BeenVerified may save customers time and frustration in finding this information compared to traditional public records request processes.

Will the people I search for be notified?

Every BeenVerified search is confidential. No individual is ever notified when you run any search on our website or app.

How do I contact BeenVerified?

New and existing customers can reach out to us directly through our Contact Us page. Submit your name, email address, topic of inquiry and a brief message. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we can. If you’d like to speak to someone directly, call our toll-free customer service number at 1-866-885-6480. We’re available daily from 6:00 a.m to 11:30 p.m. EST. You can also reach out to us at

How do I remove my information from BeenVerified?

BeenVerified is an aggregated database of publicly available information. Our tools allow users to search for information that is a matter of public record. You can remove your information from our people search database by going to our opt-out page, entering your information and following the instructions to remove the applicable report from future search results.

Do employers use BeenVerified?

Employers are not allowed to use BeenVerified to conduct employee and applicant background checks. Using BeenVerified in this way violates our Terms & Conditions and the FCRA, and can lead to possible criminal penalties. If you use BeenVerified for these purposes, we have the right to terminate your account and report violators to any applicable agency.

What is BVD * BeenVerified?

“BVD * BeenVerified” is how BeenVerified may appear on your credit card statement once you’ve paid for a monthly subscription. There are also a few other ways the charge could appear on your statement. Our toll-free number, 1-866-885-6480, may also appear on your statement.

Does BeenVerified sell my information??

BeenVerified will never sell the personal information you provide to us during sign-up. The data we provide in our reports is obtained through publicly available data sources independent of anything you provide to us. We do not sell information obtained from site cookies.

Can I update incorrect information in my Vehicle History Report?

If you’re a California resident and believe information about your vehicle is incorrect in your Vehicle History Report, you may submit a research request here. If the information provided is sufficient, it will be submitted for review with the applicable government agency or reporting entity. We make efforts to research and, if needed, resolve any discrepancies in vehicle history reports within 14 days. We will also notify you in the event a governmental agency or reporting entity does not respond or finds that the data is accurate as-is.

Ready to begin your search? Visit BeenVerified’s homepage and enter a name, phone number, address, or other information to get started.

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