Calhoun County Criminal and Public Records

Below you will find information and resources for Calhoun County public records. This includes arrest records, criminal data, judicial records, court & vital records.

Calhoun County is one of 60 counties in the state of Florida that we have criminal records data for. With a population of 29,763, it is the 56th most populous county in Florida. We’ve compiled a list of free public records resources as well as some interesting criminal stats. If you’re looking for records about a specific person in Calhoun County, try our Public Records Search.

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Crime in Calhoun County

2015 is the latest year we have criminal statistics for Calhoun County. In that year, there were 6 major violent crimes and 31 major property crimes. Keep in mind that on top of those crimes, there were also minor crimes not included in our stats.

On a per capita basis, Calhoun County ranked 624th for violent crimes and 1,304th for property crimes.

To learn more about crimes in specific localities, please review our city pages.

You can also see criminal and court records for other Florida counties.

Calhoun County Arrest Records by City

Calhoun County Crime Rate Information

Crime Category 2014 2015
Violent Crimes 3 6
Rape 0 0
Agg. Assault 3 6
Robbery 0 0
Property Crimes 43 31
Burglary 12 10
Larceny 29 18
Vehicle Thefts 2 3

Property Crimes in Calhoun County, FL

Year Property Crimes
2006 58
2007 47
2008 54
2009 36
2010 43
2011 32
2012 46
2013 49
2014 43
2015 31

Agg. Assault in Calhoun County, FL

Year Agg. Assault
2006 7
2007 8
2008 7
2009 5
2010 7
2011 1
2012 2
2013 5
2014 3
2015 6

Calhoun County Court Records

Search through Calhoun County clerk of court records to uncover information from dozens of public records databases. Perform a basic background check or use the resources below to conduct a case lookup, jail inmate search or a county court docket search. Some resources may contain information on warrants, sheriff and judicial records.

  • County Court
    20859 Central Avenue East, #130
    Blountstown, FL 32424

Calhoun County Vital Records

The resources below may contain data related to vital records for Calhoun County, Florida. Search through divorce records and marriage licenses, as well as death certificates and birth records to uncover information you are looking for. You may need to provide proof of identity to access some of these records.

Calhoun County Property & Assessor Records

Search through property records for Calhoun County, Florida. Use the resources below to find property tax records, recorder of deeds information, lien and land records.

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