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Are you searching for criminal records or background information on someone in Paradise Valley, AZ? BeenVerified has access to public arrest records in Maricopa County that can help you identify criminal background history for individuals in and around the Paradise Valley area. Paradise Valley has a population of 13,922, which makes it the 35th largest city in Arizona, and an average income of $151,184. We’ve compiled helpful crime statistics below, or you can look up a specific person’s criminal records.

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Crime in Paradise Valley, AZ

One of the first ways to gauge crime is to look at the reported crimes in that city over a year’s time. Keep in mind that you cannot compare one city’s reported crimes to another city’s reported crimes without also understanding any differences in population. In addition, the reported crime rate and the actual crime rate may be very different; crimes such as forcible rape are notoriously underreported, while crimes like motor vehicle theft have higher reporting rates.

In 2015, there were 16 reported violent crimes and 208 reported property crimes in Paradise Valley. This compares to 28,012 reported violent crimes and 207,107 reported property crimes statewide in Arizona. This makes Paradise Valley 56th in the state of Arizona when it comes to violent crimes per 100k people.

The most common violent crime in Paradise Valley was agg. assault, with 9 reported. The most common property crime was larceny, with 126 reported.

In addition to these major crimes, there were a number of other offenses committed, but most of those were charged as misdemeanors. Our charts below have much more information.

Paradise Valley Crime Rankings:

Statewide (2015)

  • Population: 35th
  • Violent Crimes: 43rd (56th per 100k)
  • Rape: 21st (22nd per 100k)
  • Agg. Assault: 46th (57th per 100k)
  • Robbery: 29th (41st per 100k)
  • Property Crimes: 46th (50th per 100k)
  • Burglary: 33rd (26th per 100k)
  • Larceny: 47th (57th per 100k)
  • Vehicle Thefts: 40th (56th per 100k)
  • Arson: 20th (32nd per 100k)

Nationwide (2015)

  • Population: 2,580th
  • Violent Crimes: 617th (3,665th per 100k)
  • Murder: 77th (413th per 100k)
  • Rape: 186th (1,066th per 100k)
  • Agg. Assault: 477th (3,329th per 100k)
  • Robbery: 340th (1,743rd per 100k)
  • Property Crimes: 1,574th (5,009th per 100k)
  • Burglary: 653rd (2,122nd per 100k)
  • Larceny: 1,418th (5,444th per 100k)
  • Vehicle Thefts: 509th (2,745th per 100k)
  • Arson: 117th (762nd per 100k)

In Maricopa County (2015)

  • Population: 15th
  • Violent Crimes: 16th (15th per 100k)
  • Rape: 12th (9th per 100k)
  • Agg. Assault: 16th (15th per 100k)
  • Robbery: 15th (15th per 100k)
  • Property Crimes: 16th (16th per 100k)
  • Burglary: 16th (9th per 100k)
  • Larceny: 16th (17th per 100k)
  • Vehicle Thefts: 16th (17th per 100k)
  • Arson: 12th (13th per 100k)

General Data

  • Population: 13,922
  • Households: 5,258
  • Median Income: $151,184
  • Land Area: 15.408 miles2
  • Water Area: 0.029 miles2
  • Time Zone: MST

Paradise Valley, AZ Crime Rate Information

Crime Category 2013 2015
Murder 0 0
Rape 1 5
Agg. Assault 12 9
Robbery 0 2
Burglary 63 75
Vehicle Thefts 6 7
Arson 1 1

Violent Crimes in Paradise Valley, AZ in 2015

Crime Reported Numbers
Murder 0
Rape 5
Aggravated Assault 9
Robbery 2

Property Crimes in Paradise Valley, AZ in 2015

Crime Reported Numbers
Burglary 75
Larceny 126
Motor Vehicle Theft 7
Arson 1

Agg. Assault in Paradise Valley, AZ

Year Agg. Assault
2006 11
2007 6
2008 8
2009 6
2010 7
2011 5
2012 4
2013 12
2015 9

Rape in Paradise Valley, AZ

Year Rape
2006 0
2007 0
2008 0
2009 1
2010 0
2011 3
2012 3
2013 1
2015 5

Arizona Criminal Statistics:

Criminal Records Lookup

Do you want to lookup a specific individual’s criminal records? While a criminal background check may be important, it is important to understand that that the presence or absence of some criminal history may not be indicative of a person’s actual criminal behavior. People can be arrested for and charged with crimes that they did not commit, while other people may never be charged with crimes that they did commit. Therefore, when looking at an individual’s criminal background, it is important to understand the differences between arrests, charges, and convictions. It is equally important to understand that the absence of a criminal record does not guarantee that a person has not engaged in criminal behavior or will not engage in future criminal behavior.

All you need is a first name and last name to begin looking up someone’s criminal records. Try BeenVerified’s criminal records search.

You may also want to look at statewide reporting numbers.

Arizona Statistics:

Crime Category 2014 2015
Violent Crimes 26916 28012
Murder 319 309
Rape 5842 5402
Agg. Assault 16970 18235
Robbery 6249 6360
Property Crimes 215240 207107
Burglary 43562 37957
Larceny 154091 152365
Vehicle Thefts 17587 16785
Arson 0 0

While the overall numbers can help you find some information, the crime rate is more informative. The crime rate can be reported in various ways; here we have chosen to report the crime rate as incidents per 1,000 people. By looking at the crime rate in a city, you can determine whether that city is more or less dangerous than surrounding cities. Here, we have compiled comparisons of the rate for various crimes in Paradise Valley and compared them to the rates for that same crime in Arizona and nationwide.

Agg. Assault in the state of Arizona

Year Agg. Assault
2006 19284
2007 18658
2008 17282
2009 16366
2010 16574
2011 16515
2012 18087
2013 17490
2014 16970
2015 18235

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