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About the Job

Do you have a passion for A/B testing and making money? If so, read on!

In this exciting role at BeenVerified in Costa Rica, you will lead a fast-paced team of designers and developers whose mission in life is to increase the conversion rates of our checkout funnels. You will get to work with a proprietary A/B (Multivariate) testing platform to make data-driven decisions and then use your creativity to constantly iterate on them. Everything you work on has the potential to impact the entire business in the short and long term. This role is perfect for that rare person who is creative, analytical, business-savvy and interested in technology.


What You Bring to Us

  • Great communication skills - You can work with designers, developers, writers and/or marketers. You’re willing to make critiques, edits, and suggestions.
  • Good with numbers - You have a knack for spotting trends and a passion for uncovering data-driven insights.
  • Good written language skills - You have the ability to write compelling web copy that aids user experience and drives sales.
  • Critical design eye - You might not be a designer, but you can articulate what you like or don’t like about websites.
  • The desire to win - You’re interested in constantly improving websites through A/B testing and clever experimentation.
  • Passion for websites - You want to be part of a cutting-edge web company and learn the ins and outs of web development.

Very Nice to Have

  • Familiar with basic coding languages and can edit simple HTML & CSS.
  • History using web analytics tools like GA or marketing analytics tools.
  • Familiar with Photoshop, Sketch or related graphic design editor
  • Positive attitude. Self-confidence. Easy to work with. A sense of humor.

Bonus Traits

  • Held a cross-functional role that involved working with multiple teams.
  • Project management experience. Working with JIRA, Agile or similar processes.
  • Entrepreneurial experience. You’re the type of person always looking for that next big idea.
  • Basic knowledge of SEO


Why BeenVerified? 
BeenVerified builds exciting data products and then we market them with passion. We're a fast-growing company that balances the culture of a startup with the stability of being an established, profitable company. We want to work with people that strive to be in the top .01% of their field. We understand that getting to the top takes hard work, constant improvement, and by making data-driven decisions. It's a thrilling time to join the team, as we're expanding our product offerings in exciting new ways, driving innovation through data, marketing, and web & app development.

We believe in diversity and hiring people from all backgrounds and walks of life. You must be energetic, inventive, a team player and looking to help build and grow the company each and every day. You must have an inner desire to win and the idea of losing is a non-starter. If you are looking for a position that allows you to work with a group of smart and dedicated people who will support you but still provide the autonomy you need to execute your strategy, then you should probably apply as soon as you're done reading this!


About BeenVerified

We were named the fastest growing company in New York City and #26 in the country by INC Magazine in 2013.

Our culture is a laid back, family atmosphere where everyone is 100% committed to making our brand a household name. Team members are free to dress in whatever makes them feel comfortable. Shorts and sandals are OK. We're not hung up on dogma, we're focused on results and improving every day. We want to work with individuals who are extremely passionate about honing their craft until they are in the top .01% of their field.

This is an opportunity to be part of a special group of people who have taken an idea and are in the process of bringing it to the forefront.

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