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Why BeenVerified?

With 10+ years of people search expertise and more than 100 million searches performed, BeenVerified is the go-to choice for public data access.

Customer Service

Enhance your CRM. Combine our data with yours to give reps more customer insight.

Lead Generation

Reach more customers by adding our data to yours. Enrich your leads with emails, names, and phone numbers.


Research clients or witnesses. Find contact information that you need to send out subpoenas.

Real Estate

Find homeowner contact info and learn more about prospective clients.

Non-Profit Management

Keep connections with donors and members. Verify and find contact information.

What Can I Do with BeenVerified?

Generate new business

Leverage the power of our data to keep your business growing.

Get to know your customers

Understand your customers and prospects before you even make the first contact.

Update & Enhance your records

Make sure you have the latest information for your customers.

Look up linkedin® contacts

Search for personal and business contact information off a LinkedIn® username.

Download & Print reports

Need quick access to a report? Our downloadable PDF reports come in handy.

Verify & validate

Check if you have the right phone numbers, emails, and addresses for your customers and prospects.

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