Five Words To Ruin A Date


Twitter trending topics rarely last a full day, let alone two, but #FiveWordsToRuinADate has had surprising staying power this week.

This week a dating topic has taken over Twitter. Photo credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid
This week a dating topic has taken over Twitter. Photo credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Here are some of our favorite suggestions from Twitter users around the world:

York Regional Police@YRP

“This vehicle was reported stolen.” #FiveWordsToRuinADate

Katie Zavadski@katiezavadski

“I dated my dad once.” #FiveWordstoRuinaDate

Spotify USA@SpotifyUSA

“Not a big music person.”  #FiveWordsToRuinADate

Ryan Cullen@RyanCullen90

“I wish I swiped left.” #FiveWordsToRuinADate

William Shakespeare@Shakespeare

“I will tame thee, shrew!” #FiveWordsToRuinADate

It’s clear that the Twitter universe has had some really bad dates.

While many of these situations cannot be helped (there were a surprisingly high number of toilet incidents!), some of them could have been potentially preventable with the use of a background check.

Search the hashtag #FiveWordsToRuinADate on Twitter now to see thousands of other suggestions.

Will You Date A Cyborg?


It’s easy to get down about online dating.

These pages have documented some of the pitfalls from the Tinder jerks that were documented in the recent “Bye Felipe” controversy, to the more concerning safety and fraud issues that the platforms can invite.

Is this the future of dating?
Is this the future of dating? Photo credit: Christopher Phin

Beyond those very really concerns, the sheer awkwardness of a first online date can be almost as bad. The person whose profile seems perfect and made you laugh with their online messages, could turn out to be a different proposition altogether in the flesh.

Maybe your date’s picture was misleading, or the person is just extremely shy making real life conversation, preventing the development of any legit chemistry.

Simply deciding on the right first date activity can be the most challenging part. Dinner is often too formal, but coffee dates can be distracting and too brief to make a real connection with your date.

Perhaps with this in mind, software developers recently demonstrated Cyborg Dating, a new twist that attempts to solve for that awkward first date encounter and create real intimacy through the power of virtual reality.

The idea is that one person wears VR goggles, such as Google Cardboard, while their partner helps supervise them and ensure they don’t fall into a ditch while navigating their virtual environment.

The pair then accomplish their “OutdoorVR” mission while the software simultaneously guides the person wearing goggles with helpful conversational prompts to avoid those awkward first date silences.

The creators of the project say that Cyborg Dating serves as a glimpse into the future when virtual and normal reality will coexist, kind of like in the movie Her.

It was unclear if the virtual reality goggles can be programmed to allow for the fake phone call from a friend in case you immediately know your date is lame.

You can read more on the Cyborg Dating project at the Fast Co. Design web site.

What do you think about this concept? Cool ice breaker activity, or date from hell in the  making?

Pinterest Improves Search With Data


Pinterest is innovating its search feature. Photo credit: mkhmarketing

Visual discovery tool Pinterest announced today that it’s taking steps to improve the search functionality of its vast collection of pins.

It turns out that what other users search for can be predictive as to what you will likely search for. As Gigaom reports, they can utilize this power of the crowd through a platform called QueryJoin:

Pinterest uses a data-collection workflow called QueryJoin that helps with applying one user’s search queries and the data gleaned from those searches to other users in order to generate more relevant search results for everyone involved. QueryJoin contains data like search queries, demographic statistics, adjacent queries and pins.

Read the whole story on Gigaom here, which references Pinterest’s original blog post on the subject and has more technical info on QueryJoin.

As companies continue to harness and aggregate huge amounts of data, we can look forward to better, more intelligent searches on everything from social networks to Netflix and Amazon.

And speaking of Pinterest, check out BeenVerified’s Pinterest page where we follow our interests from beautiful craft IPAs to meditation and breathtaking data visualizations.

3 More Amazing Ways to Improve Your Life With Data


Earlier this week we wrote about how using public data available through background check services can potentially improve your dating life, finances and general decision-making. We suggested using data more in your life to help you reach your goals in 2015.

With the innovations in publicly accessible background checks available to you, there is no need to guess about the people and places around you anymore.

Get motivated for the new year.
Data will help keep you fit this year. Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Equally exciting are some of the innovations involving your own personal data that you can harness to have a better year this year. Once you start tracking your data, just be careful with where and how you store it.

Here are three areas where data is set to make a big impact in your life in 2015:


With Apple’s announcement of its forthcoming Watch and a string of health-related apps, 2014 was the year that smart watches and fitness trackers broke through to the mainstream.

2015 will be even better as heart rate and sleep monitors improve. You’ll soon be receiving specific recommendations about how to manage your diet, blood pressure and a personalized exercise program, if you desire it.

If Apple’s Watch is too much of a commitment, you can dip your toe into health and fitness trackers with budget models from Jawbone, Pebble or Garmin. In any case, the days of the simple pedometer are coming to an end and the data you are provided about your health with potentially help you lead a healthier life.


Tired of paying higher car insurance premiums than you think are merited? Most people are. The same concept of personal fitness tracking also now applies to your car, with auto insurers and start-ups trying to disrupt the market.

Most major auto insurers now offer telematics devices that can track your mileage, the speed at which you drive and can even help determine fault in an accident. This way they can offer better rates to careful drivers.

Startups like Metromile and Automatic are taking telematics innovation further by offering per mile car insurance and the ability to run diagnostics on your car in real time.


Many people are familiar with Nest, the startup recently acquired by Google and famous for their smart thermostat, and yet remotely controlling your home’s temperature is just the beginning.

Recent innovations on the market now allow you to create intelligent lighting patterns that make it appear that your are at home when on vacation, or even change color when your favorite sports team wins. Intelligent locks, home security systems and more are all in the early stages of hitting the market and are set to add value in 2015.

We hope our posts this week help you think about how you can improve your life with public and personal data.

How Public Data Can Help You Dominate in 2015


Have a better 2015 with data. Photo credit: Joy Lin

While many people set and then struggle to achieve the same New Year’s resolutions each year, at BeenVerified we have a more novel suggestion for you which may in fact help you to achieve any number of goals along the way. This includes your financial, business, and love life.

Our idea: resolve to become more data-oriented in your everyday life.

What does this mean? It means utilizing the public and private data relevant to your life to make better decisions about how you live, what you do and whom you do it with.

Take online dating: are you one of the 40 million Americans who have tried it?

If so, have you ever given thought to what data you use to inform your decision making on sites that could help you find a future spouse, intimate partner or even just a one-time hook-up? If you’re like many, you are just relying on a series of photos and a few lines of text that make up a profile. Tinder users just rely on a picture alone.

Regardless, these extremely limited data sets come from the same biased source: someone trying to sell you on them!

Consider that for matters as serious as your heart (and your personal safety) other sources of publicly available data could be useful, including a background check.

This tool can help give you the peace of mind that your next date checks out with the vital stats that they have presented to you. It can also alert you to a potential date’s financial difficulties, current and ex-spouses, business associates, properties and any criminal record.

Why wait for this crucial information? Consider a background check to make your dating life more secure, efficient and confident in 2015.

Here are some other ways that public data can potentially improve your life this year:

Buying a new home:

Is this the year you will buy your first home? You can use data in public records to research home values in your target neighborhood and also estimate your tax bill. Don’t overpay on the biggest investment of your life.

Researching business contacts:

Are you serious about building your Rolodex this year? Public data can be a powerful research tool and can give you a knowledge edge when interacting with potential new clients.

Finding a long-lost relative:

Has a family member been out of touch for a while? Not sure where they live now or how to get in touch? Public records can be a fantastic resource for this purpose if you have their name and an idea of their age.

While becoming more data-oriented, especially with public records, may have been a daunting task in the past, this year you have access to clear and affordable public data searches in the palm of your hand through background check services like BeenVerified.

Check out our new iOS or Android app and commit to becoming more data-oriented this year.

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You can look forward to some exciting improvements to the BV blog in the New Year. Until then, we wish you a happy and safe start to 2015!