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What is BeenVerified and where does BeenVerified’s data come from?


Check out this 60 second video and learn where all of our information comes from:

What is BeenVerified? from BeenVerified on Vimeo.

At BeenVerified, we have lots of happy users. We pride ourselves at producing quality content, while at the same time trying our best to keep our customers satisfied. However, we still get asked this question a lot: Hey! How come you guys are selling my info?! Isn’t that illegal?

It’s a pretty valid query. After all, the service we provide allows our customers to gain a ton of information about someone. However, that’s just it. We aren’t selling your information or giving out anything in a sneaky, backdoor way like some old school villain thriller. The information we provide is already public. We’re just making it easier, and cheaper, to access this info.

What are Public Records?


Remember when you went to the mall and signed up for that free mp3 player, how about those cell phone rebates and magazine subscriptions, speeding tickets, mortgage deeds, even your social networking profile and blog postings, they all reveal information about you that is known as public record. So, this begs the question: if it’s your information, how come you can’t see it?

Public Info


It has been profitable for the groups in possession of the information to maintain tight control over this public information. Thus, they make it hard to find and expensive to access.

File Lock

Hard to Find

BeenVerified aggregates countless sources of public records and puts them in one report.

By merging them into a single, easy to understand report, BeenVerified has alleviated the need to pay hundreds of dollars, visit thousands of county clerks, and search millions of websites to find the public records you need. BeenVerified’s mission is to make public records easy, affordable, and accurate for everyone.

BeenVerified is committed to making public records easy, affordable and accurate.

We are the best in the business.

2 thoughts on “Our Data

  1. I am trying to find my children’s first cousin [Johnny Hawkins]. He was born in Richmond, Ky. His biological father was Hayden Dudley – but- he was adopted by his stepfather at a very young age. He should be between 62 – 64 years old now!?! We have heard that he lives in Milwaukee. How can I find the correct Johnny Hawkins without having to pay for several searches?

    1. Hi Bettye, thanks the comment. First, be sure you have as much correct information as possible. For instance, is Johnny’s real name John or Jonathan? Johnny may be a nickname, which may not show up in public records. Next, when you actually conduct a search for Johnny Hawkins, you can see possible relatives in the search results (if you know his stepfather’s name, this can help you narrow down your search), as well as other names, age, and known cities. Knowing base information beforehand can help you weed out the results.

      Keep us posted on how the search goes, we love to hear how BeenVerified has helped people. Shoot us an e-mail at community@beenverified.com. Good luck!

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