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Google’s Good to Know Campaign – People Want to Know What is Out There

As the Web progresses, people are going to demand more transparency and more control over their data. Google plays a huge role in this, as they are the ultimate gatekeepers of the information available on the Web. When it comes to public records, BeenVerified plays a very similar role. We are excited to see that Google is educating people through their Good to Know campaign on their end, and we plan to continue to work on educating people on public records. Continue reading


I Found You on Ripoff Report- You Must be a Rip-Off

As an avid user of the Internet, I always do research before signing up for a web service. (If I would list all of the Internet services I have ever signed up for, the list would literally be a mile long.) One popular place for researching the trustworthiness of a business is a popular site called “Ripoff Report.”

The idea of Ripoff Report is to give a voice to any consumer who felt taken advantage of by a business. A service like this comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, just as any business does. You can read a myriad of opinions about it all over the Web. However, the purpose of this blog post is to address the various complaints you will find on the site about BeenVerified. Continue reading


3 Things to Try in 2012, Collaborative Consumption Edition

At BeenVerified, we’re sort of in love with a little thing called collaborative consumption. Collaborative consumption is a global movement to encourage the sharing of goods and services directly with people instead of through the traditional middle man (i.e. mega-marts and more established corporations).

So, while you’re writing those new year’s resolutions, why not throw a little collaborative consumption into the mix? Here’s how:

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And the Winners of Our Testimonial Contest Are…

Last month, we asked our users to share their experiences using BeenVerified and the feedback we received was amazing! Your stories created a flood of positive energy throughout our organization and we can’t thank everyone enough for their thoughtful submissions. While each individual story was important in its own way, we can only give away five iPads. If we gave away anymore, we just may have to increase our pricing! (kidding)

A big congrats to our five winners. Now, without further ado, check out the stories from our featured winners. Enjoy!

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Check Out BeenVerified in Inc. Magazine!

It has been four years since we started BeenVerified with the goal of adding transparency into our digital universe and what a ride its been.  Like most small businesses, we experience our fair share of ups and downs, failures and successes.

That’s why we’re pretty excited that Inc. Magazine featured the BeenVerified story as a case study this month. Check it out to learn more about how we started, where we are today and what the future holds.

As we continue on our journey, we wanted to thank everyone  from our amazing community of users, to our friends and family who do not get to see us as much as they should and everyone in between.  Finally, big thanks to Issie Lapowsky and the Inc. Magazine team for being so thorough and pushing the outer limits of our memory!  We learned a lot from the experience.

Read the rest on Inc. and let us know what you think!

BeenVerified Inc Magazine
BeenVerified Featured in Inc. Magazine



What We Can Learn From New Online Dating Study

In a recent article in the New York Times, journalist Stephanie Rosenbloom sheds light on some fascinating data on the ever-growing world of online dating. The data demonstrates that at least 25% of all relationships these days start online. Of course this data can be dissected in a number of ways, the fact remains, as Facebook’s Andrew T. Fiore says in the NYT article, “As more and more of life happens online, it’s less and less the case that online is a vacuum. It is life.” Continue reading


Our Mission – Easy, Affordable, Accurate

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new flat screen television.  Before you go spending a big chunk of money at Best Buy, you take a look on Craigslist.  Sure enough, someone a few towns over is selling exactly what you want for a fraction of the price.  After a few emails, all is set.  A plan is made for you to pick up the television from that person the next day.

That very afternoon it just so happens that an old college friend calls you to catch up. Let’s call him Keith, a lawyer in Southern Florida.  You start telling Keith about the television set you just agreed to purchase.  Being the lawyer that he is, Keith interrupts your excitement with a dose of caution.  Sounds like a great deal, but do you know anything about this guy?  Is he a friend of a friend?

Keith asks you to give him the address to the house.  You are confused. What is that going to do? Keith says that he runs background checks on people all the time at work.  His office has access to a great service where he can type in the address, find out who lives there and then view all criminal and court records of that person.

Later that afternoon Keith calls back.  It turns out that the man from the address has very “questionable” records.  You look at the report and realize right away that the deal was in fact, too good to be true. There is no way you would hand him a check for $1,200 for a “barely used, perfect condition” $5,000 flat screen.  Crisis averted – thanks to your friend Keith.  Sometimes it’s nice to have friends in high places.

You follow-up with Keith to let him know the outcome, you told the guy the deal was off which did not go over too well.  While overzealously expressing your gratitude for Keith giving you free access to his resources, he interrupts.  “Actually, all these are public records. All law firms have them.”

“Oh, ok they are public records.  So I can get them myself if I wanted to?” you ask. Keith chuckles and replies, “Not necessarily, we pay a lot of money for access to these records. The service we use brings all public records together, updates them automatically, and makes them easy to search and understand.”

You’re surprised that public records are not free, but at the same time, this makes sense. You continue to try and understand, asking Keith how much they pay for the service.  He responds by saying that it’s a lot of money, but it’s included in the cost passed on to clients as part of their legal fees.

Does everyone have a good friend like Keith, a lawyer who would have his legal assistant run the check for them?  No, they do not.  Should people who have lawyer friends or a tremendous amount of money be the only people to have access to this information?  No, they should not. In fact, the people who need this information the most, the people who are most vulnerable, are the same people who usually do not have the same resources as a privileged few.

This is exactly why we created  Our mission is to make public records easy, affordable, and accurate for everyone, giving all people the opportunity to access public records when they need them – instantly, affordably, and reliably. We aim to level the playing field by giving everyone access to the same information for when it comes to making important decisions within our everyday lives.

Large companies always use background checks.  Landlords, lawyers and other professionals have always used background checks.  Why not me and you?

What do you think? Do you have a Keith in your life to run background checks for you, or are you left up to your own devices?