5 Reasons to Use BeenVerified

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5 Reasons to Use BeenVerified

So you’re looking for a people search tool that can give you the details on that mysterious new dating partner, a long-lost friend or relative, or a potential buyer for the item you listed on Craigslist.

There are a lot of services you can choose from nowadays, but BeenVerified is a great choice if you’re looking to aggregate a comprehensive selection of publicly available data on a person.

Here are five great reasons to choose BeenVerified for your background check needs.

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1. You’ll find data from up-to-date resources.

BeenVerified strives to deliver the most accurate, up-to-date information in all its search results and reports. That’s why we obtain and regularly update the BeenVerified People Search results with records from several different public and private databases. When you look someone up using our platform, you are looking at the most current information we have available to us.

2. Your results will be aggregated into a convenient, organized report.

When you run a standard internet search on someone, you may have to enter several search terms in connection with that person to find the information you want. By searching for that individual through BeenVerified, you will be able to find all public records associated with that name, all in one convenient location.

3. Your account information will not be shared.

When you sign up for a BeenVerified account, your account information stays with us. We will never sell your information to a third-party, nor will we include any information you provide to us as part of our search results if someone looks for you. BeenVerified only aggregates data that can be pulled directly from publicly available databases.

4. Your searches are confidential.

The people you look up using BeenVerified will not be notified that you searched for them.

5. Our top-notch customer service team can help you resolve any issues.

Having trouble with your BeenVerified account? Or perhaps you’ve searched your own name and found duplicate or inaccurate information you want removed. Just reach out to our customer service team. You’ll be greeted with professional, courteous assistance, every time.

A Note About Permitted Uses

BeenVerified is an excellent tool for many people search and background check scenarios, but there are a few restrictions on how you may legally use our platform.

Some common examples of permitted uses include researching an online dating partner, tracking down current contact information for old friends and family members, checking out a Craigslist buyer, or gathering some information on your new next door neighbor. However, you may not use BeenVerified for purposes that violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act, including but not limited to:

  • Employment or hiring screening
  • Evaluating potential property tenants
  • Researching an individual customer for business transaction purposes
  • Conducting credit eligibility research

You are also prohibited from using our platform to contact someone against their wishes or otherwise stalk someone.

For more details on how you can and cannot use BeenVerified, check out our “do’s and don’ts” page.

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Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

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