Signs Your Long-Distance Love May Be Cheating

long-distance cheating
Could your long-distance love be cheating? Know the signs.
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Disclaimer: The below is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

Long-distance relationships can be hard. Despite texts, phone calls, and FaceTime, it can be difficult to feel close with your significant other when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

You also may be worried that your partner is cheating on you. After all, you’re not physically present in each others’ lives every day, so it’s often easy to miss the signs.

If you are worried your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, these signs could potentially indicate that something is going on outside your relationship.

They’re ignoring your calls or texts.

Remember when your long-distance partner always answered calls and texts from you right away? When your boyfriend or girlfriend starts stretching out time between responses or returning your calls, it may seem like they’re putting their priorities elsewhere. There may be legitimate reasons they’re no longer leaping to their phone every time you call, but it can also be a sign that they have disconnected with you emotionally. Or they may simply be occupied with work deadlines or other legitimate distractions.

Similarly, if they suddenly begin cancelling your usual Friday night Skype call or other routine communications, it’s normal to worry that something is going on. You should give your partner a chance to explain the situation, but if last-minute cancellations become more frequent, you may want to have a more in-depth conversation with them about why this is happening.

They misrepresent their relationship status on social media.

If your long-distance partner’s Facebook relationship status is hidden, they may be a more private person who doesn’t like to disclose their relationship status online, which is reasonable. However, if you are in a serious relationship with someone and their status publicly says “single,” they’re probably still open to meeting other people – perhaps even a specific person in their own city.

They were a cheater before you.

Mistakes happen and everyone has some kind of blemish on their dating record. However, you should always be cautious if you know your partner has cheated in the past. They may try to write it off as a one-time incident and may have earnestly repented and mended their ways; alternatively, this could be a major red flag that they will consider, and may actually, cheat again. Furthermore, if you suspect your partner is a serial cheater, their old social media posts (often available in a BeenVerified search report) and comments can give you a clue.

They suddenly post photos with a new person online.

In a healthy relationship, you typically tell your partner where you are and who you are spending time with, especially if it’s a long-distance relationship. If your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend starts posting lots of new photos with someone you don’t know, it could mean that this new person is taking on a special role in their life.

You don’t talk when they’re at home anymore.

Long-distance partners in a healthy relationship will try everything to bridge the distance, especially in their home. You may talk over the phone while watching a show together, Skype while you cook the same meal in different cities or share your favorite music with each other.

If your partner always seems to be out when they take your calls, it may be a sign that they no longer want you in their “safe zone,” even if it’s completely virtual. They may be trying to distance themselves emotionally. It may also be a sign that they are with someone else and cannot juggle and maintain both relationships at the same time.

If you suspect that your long-distance partner is cheating, you might want to initiate a frank conversation addressing your concerns. It may be uncomfortable, but you can use it as an opportunity to build a stronger form of trust in your relationship. If your partner isn’t receptive or continues to act in suspicious ways, it may be time to consider taking a break or ending the relationship completely.

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