Get To Know BV: Mikey Harris

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Get To Know BV: Mikey Harris

We’re taking a look at the people who bring you BeenVerified. This time we talked to Mikey, a full-stack engineer in our New York office.

What’s your name? And tell us a little about yourself:

Mikey Harris. Born (sort of) and raised in Vermont. Known for my sassy mouth, bad puns, love (obsession) of Harry Potter, and debugging mastery.

What do you do at BV?

I’m a Full-Stack Engineer. Basically I’m knowledgeable in many forms of coding, so I deal with backend data stuff as well as front end design implementation.

How long have you worked here?

Just over two years.

What did you do before? How did you end up at BV?

Before BV, I was a working actor/waiter across NYC. I ended up going to coding school (App Academy) and one of the career recruiters we worked with got me an interview at BV … and that’s our meet cute.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Typically, my day starts with a few standups, checking in with everyone and giving my current project status. Then I’ll code for a few hours before grabbing lunch (in Bryant Park with the lunch crew when it’s nice), and then more coding in the afternoon. Sometimes my genius is briefly interrupted by Meditation or HQ Trivia for a little break, or the need for a snarky quip.

What’s your favorite thing about the BV office and culture?

The cold brew keg is life-changing, but overall I like the mix of people, and a work life that gives us the ability to laugh and enjoy ourselves, while still being focused and motivated to create effective products.  

Tell us something surprising about yourself:

I once was on a hit list in 5th grade, because my classmate found me to be “annoying.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

As many of my coworkers could tell you, my current hobby obsession is the dodgeball league I play in. I may have recently broken my hand while playing, but I also have been able to travel to New Orleans and soon Las Vegas to play in national tournaments. I also love playing tennis, singing, improv, going to the theater, and basically any type of competitive board game.

Have any shoutouts? Any social media handles you’d like to mention?

Special shoutout to Nate [your humble editor] for hounding me like four times to actually fill this out, and also to Serena Williams for being my lifelong hero.

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