Get To Know BV: Emilia Casasola

Emilia Casasola - BeenVerified QA Team
Emilia "Emi" Casasola works on the Quality Assurance team in BeenVerified's Costa Rica office.
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We’re taking a look at the people who bring you BeenVerified. This time we talked to Emilia, who works on the Quality Assurance team in BV’s Costa Rica office!

What’s your name? And tell us a little about yourself:

Hi! My name is Emilia, Emi for short. I’m from Costa Rica. I’m passionate about concerts, dogs, traveling and photography.

What do you do at BV?

Here at BeenVerified, I’m part of the Quality Assurance team. As its name implies, I ensure the quality of our sites and best user experience. I have worked across different teams in many areas, but right now I’m focused on the Site Optimization Team. During this time, I have grown in experience, always believing that our efforts will grant great benefits to our customers.

How long have you worked here?

I’ve been working here at BeenVerified for two and a half years. This time has been amazing. All of my coworkers have a lot to teach, so I have learned many things.

What did you do before? How did you end up at BV?

In my previous job, I worked as a Quality Assurance Analyst for Disney. However, I started looking for a new adventure and new challenges. When this opportunity at BeenVerified came up, I knew that it was for me, and it has definitely been one of my best decisions.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day in my life at BeenVerified starts with attending the stand ups, where we all talk and get on the same page. After that, I check all the tasks that are ready for my revision and define priorities between all of them. Most or a good part of my day focuses on identifying improvements on new features so we get reliable products.

What’s your favorite thing about the BV office and culture?

The BV offices (in Costa Rica and New York) are amazing. The environment is so great because all the coworkers are so friendly. We spend a lot of hours in the office so having such an amazing group of friends make our day better.

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

This year was my first time flying in a hot air balloon over the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to spend most of my free time with my boyfriend and my pug Ozzy, visiting new places because we love the mountains and beaches that we have here in Costa Rica. Also, we are always searching for new hotels and restaurants since we want to encourage people to support pet-friendly places. This was one of our biggest reasons for creating Ozzy’s Instagram account.

Have any shoutouts? Any social media handles you’d like to mention?

You can follow my pug Ozzy on Instagram: @ozzythepug_cr and also we can keep in touch through my personal Instagram: @emicasasola.

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