Working as a Product Manager at BeenVerified

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Did you know that BeenVerified is hiring? Check out the interview below with our SEO Product Manager, Tony Aly, to get a sense of what working with us is like.

How would you describe your co-workers at BeenVerified? 

BV office 1
The BeenVerified Office.

I’ve worked at and with quite a few tech companies, and BeenVerified is by far one of the most congenial and familial companies I’ve ever seen. I think it’s an attitude that starts from the very top — Josh and
are caring, empathetic, and approachable.  This helps to define a
culture where no one is put in a silo and everyone feels like they’re part of a team that takes care of them.

What projects are you working on right now? What are you most excited about?

My role is as a Product Manager with a focus on SEO.  We’ve been
working on optimizing existing pages to make sure they’re all part of
a unified taxonomy and structure, and putting in a framework to allow us to quickly and efficiently deploy new, interesting and relevant content on a regular basis.

Name one new thing you have learned since you started working at BeenVerified? 

Ross and Josh have so many data connections, and they have shown me how connected that data world is.  BeenVerified provides access to some of the best data in the world, and this is not accidental — it’s
due to Ross and Josh constantly pounding the pavement to add new
sources to the database to continue to improve the product.

What one skill or ability would you say is most crucial for success
in your position? 

The break room.
The break room.

Communication.  It’s imperative that every person on the team has a robust sense of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what our status is.  We’re an Agile shop, which is very helpful in this regard. But, in addition, we also make sure to empower each team member to collaborate and communicate on an ongoing basis — especially when it comes to ideation.

What’s different about BeenVerified compared to other companies you have worked at?

The BeenVerified family is incredibly friendly and caring, and that shows in their work. Everyone is happy to be providing such a valuable service to the world, and they approach each day with cheer and dedication.

What are your personal interests outside of work?

I enjoy fishing, gardening, and landscaping.

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