Google’s Good to Know Campaign – People Want to Know What is Out There

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As the Web progresses, people are going to demand more transparency and more control over their data. Google plays a huge role in this, as they are the ultimate gatekeepers of the information available on the Web. When it comes to public records, BeenVerified plays a very similar role. We are excited to see that Google is educating people through their Good to Know campaign on their end, and we plan to continue to work on educating people on public records.

What is Google’s Good to Know campaign?

In short, Google’s Good to Know Campaign is all about education. The campaign offers users easy to understand tips on maintaining online security and privacy, as well as how to stay safe while using Google services and the Internet in general. The base of the campaign is to teach even non-technical users the basics of cyber-security, so they’re less likely to become victims of online scams, account hijacking, or other forms of fraud.

According to Google, Good to Know is broken down into four main categories: Stay safe online, Your data on the Web, Your data on Google, and Manage your data. The first two services deal with more general information, as well how how it applies to Google. The last two pertain almost solely to Google services.

Why did Google decide to launch the campaign?

The campaign coincided with Google’s release of “Search, plus Your World.” The new feature includes links to your Google+ network as part of your search results. For example, lets say you search “Hotels in Thailand.” Traditionally, Google would spit back the usual search results like a link to Tripadvisor. The new feature will also include results from anyone in your Google+ network, like a photo of your friend’s honeymoon in Thailand.

Like any new feature, the initial feedback runs the gamut of opinions, ranging from “This is awesome” to “Google is invading my privacy and I don’t like it!” As Google evolves from start-up success story to global behemoth, users are inevitably going to question their intentions, practices, and policies. The Good to Know campaign is Google’s latest effort to offer transparency by educating people on what they are doing.

BeenVerified knows the feeling

Regardless of the range of reactions, one thing is inevitably clear: People want ​​to know what information is out there about them, where it comes from, and how it works. When BeenVerified started offering public records, we also thought people wanted to know where this information comes from and how it works. Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to educating people about public records and we look forward to continue working toward educating and providing transparency into public records.

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What do you think? How do you feel about Google’s Good to Know Campaign?

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