I Found You on Ripoff Report- You Must be a Rip-Off

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As an avid user of the Internet, I always do research before signing up for a web service. (If I would list all of the Internet services I have ever signed up for, the list would literally be a mile long.) One popular place for researching the trustworthiness of a business is a popular site called “Ripoff Report.”

The idea of Ripoff Report is to give a voice to any consumer who felt taken advantage of by a business. A service like this comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, just as any business does. You can read a myriad of opinions about it all over the Web. However, the purpose of this blog post is to address the various complaints you will find on the site about BeenVerified.

As of today (January 18, 2012), BeenVerified has 25 individual complaints on Ripoff Report. As CEO of the company, this is 25 too many. When you run a company, there is no room for finger-pointing, he-said-she said, or excuses. Regardless of the specifics of individual stories, there must have been a better way to handle the situation. We will continue to learn, improve and do a better job of making sure our support staff has the right resources at their finger tips to handle any situation that may arise.

One thing Ripoff Report does not show on their site is the overall size of a particular company’s user base. You may agree that 25 complaints for a company with 100 customers is much different than 25 complaints from a company of 1 million customers. To be fair, it would be disingenuous to infer that only 25 BeenVerified users out of 1 million were unhappy about something. Internally, we use something called “the rule of 10,” meaning that for every one issue someone brings forward (be it a complaint, a compliment, a feature suggestion, a software bug) at least 10 other people experience the same thing. In this case, let’s use the rule of 100. Now we are left with 2,500 unhappy customers out of 1 million.

In conclusion, BeenVerified.com has grown tremendously over the last 4 years. Like any maturation process, we have stumbled at times and other times fallen flat on our faces. In doing so, we have learned some valuable lessons and are always trying to apply these lessons appropriately as the business grows even more. We still have some growing up to do, but hopefully not too much!


What do you think? What can we do better for you?

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