Criminal Coverage Area 101


Dealing with government courts is not the easiest process. Most of the time, it’s a headache waiting to happen. So, while we are constantly working to expand and improve our database, there are a few specific issues that should be considered regarding the availability of particular records:

The case is so new that it has not made it into digital public records – yet.
Legal proceedings are complicated affairs with a broad range of timelines. Once a particular proceeding is complete, each county must go through a number of steps prior to that information becoming part of the public records. As soon as the courts make official information digitally available, BeenVerified will update its database once a month to include new records.

There are still thousands of criminal records yet to be digitized.
We try to give all of our users the best experience. However, sometimes things aren’t available and therefore out of our hands. For example, certain court systems do not provide digital records (we know, it’s totally frustrating in our digital era). When you experience this, the first step is to check our coverage area, of over 3,500+ sources, to see if a particular county is included in our records. The coverage area is organized by state. Simply click on the state to see a list of sources that are available.

So, say you lived in Orange County, California. You can check to see if criminal records have been digitalized by just selecting the “coverage area” link in the criminal records tab of your background check. Here, you can see if there are digital public records in your county.

What should I do if a particular country is not included in the coverage area?
With thousands of criminal records yet to be digitized, the only way to find them is to physically go in person to the country courthouse. We know that can be a pain on your end, so fear not, BeenVerified has a premium service called “court runners” who’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Note that our court runners service is not part of our standard background report and has additional fees. Check out how the Court Runner Service works.

What do you guys think? Are you surprised that there is no central repository for all criminal records across the country?