What How I Met Your Mother Can Teach Us About Online Dating

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At BeenVerified, we know a ton of you are finding that special someone online. Whether you’re using specialized services like match.com or you’re using popular platforms like Facebook or Twitter, we’re pretty sure finding the guy or gal of your dreams has gotten a little easier thanks to the social Web. ​

We can even see this in popular culture. For example, in a recent episode of How I Met Your Mother, main character Ted goes on a date with a mystery woman named Janet without doing any preliminary online research. His friends Barney and Robin think he’s crazy, having done a lot of the heavy background checking for him in past, the kind of research that basically resembles an episode of CSI.

Nevertheless, Ted goes on his date “empty handed,” only to realize that he probably should have done a little Internet search on Janet because he’s having trouble getting the date started. You see, researching beforehand has become second nature to Ted. As it has to the rest of us.

Eventually, Barney and Robin give Ted the dirt via text. We’re all expecting the worst, except that’s not how it turned out. Janet is actually pretty successful and not insane, eliminating the sort of negative stereotyping background checking seems to have. You can receive positive feedback when researching online. But, Ted had already dug himself into a hole because he didn’t do any background checking, which actually backfired on him. Crazy, right?

The real question now is why wouldn’t you want to know more information, especially if you lead a pretty active online lifestyle? Plus, in most cases, the people you meet online are the awesome, happy, non-scary type. But, it’s up to you to not take a chance and actually verify this.

Ted made the mistake of doing nothing and he paid for it by being pretty lost and awkward (you know, the kind of awkward where it almost makes you cringe to watch). Janet even turned out to be better than he thought, but by the time he figured that out, it was already too late. He should have thought of background checking as a sort of insurance policy: you never know when you’ll need it, but it’s great to have in your back pocket when you don’t know what your next move should be. Instead, he sided with “mystery,” embarrassing himself in the process.

So, don’t be like Ted. Get all the facts before you meet Janet or any other person you’d like to get to know better. Who knows, you may actually find that you’re more alike than you think. Mr. Right could be part owner of your favorite baseball team. The future Mrs. may be the champion chef to your foodie heart. Seriously, think of the possibilities? But, you’ll never know until you look. So start.


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