My Awesome Experience with Task Rabbit

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Yup, I left my bag at the diner! It happens to the best of us, but of of course, I did such a typical move. I was in a huge rush and as per usual, my mind was in a thousand different places.  Three hours later, I was headed home for the day and something felt not right, something felt “light.” That’s when it hit me. I left my prized possesion at a restaurant in Long Island City, which was nowhere near me at that time. I already have a million things to do and making a trip out to Long Island City and back just to pick up my bag was not something I felt like adding to this list.

Enter Task Rabbit, NYC’s latest and greatest startup in the collaborative consumption space.  Task Rabbit has an amazing platform that connects a group of pre-approved “rabbits” with people in the city who need something done. That something could range from picking up an ADD ridden person’s bag (i.e. me) from a Long Island City diner to putting together Ikea furniture or anything in between.

I logged into Task Rabbit and within minutes had posted my task. The site allowed me to determine how much I was willing to pay, but they also made helpful recommendations based on historical data of similar tasks. I offered to pay $25 and within minutes, I had five offers from rabbits across the city to do the job. In fact, some had offered to do the task for under $20, but I selected my rabbit based on the fact that they were able to perform the task immediately. See, the diner was very kind, but made it clear that things got busy over the weekend and they couldn’t guarantee that my bag would remain there, so immediacy was important to me.

I ended up engaging Jared C , whose partial profile said the following:

I have lived in and loved New York City as my home for the past 10 years. I owned and operated an interior design firm for five years, but have recently changed gears to follow my dream of travel writing. Luckily, I have retained all my knowledge and contacts from the design and construction businesses.

I published my first book in 2009, and am now working on other projects and taking care of my world foods blog, which has me traveling across all five boroughs constantly.

Sure enough, within an hour, Jared had delivered my bag to my office. He was even courteous enough to check in with me halfway through the task. As soon as the bag was delivered (I was not there to collect it personally), I received an email indicating the task was complete and released the $25 to Jared (through Task Rabbit) I owed him for the job.

My first experience with Task Rabbit was nothing short of exceptional. Not because of the particular task, but because here I was, using the social Web as a way to get a job done in a way that would never have been possible before. More importantly, the Web took a willing and able resource (Jared) and connected it with someone in need (me). In doing so, there were no middlemen, ​​no unnecessary over head, and just full utility. I was happy to pay Jared for the task and happy that it goes directly into the pocket of the deserving individual.

BeenVerified was built on the promise of services like Task Rabbit. Plus, after my positive experience, our co-founders decided to create a corporate account and allow any of us to use it to complete tasks while we at work. This is an awesome benefit and I look forward to blogging about more of our experiences using the service.

What do you guys think? Have you ever had a positive experience with TaskRabbit or similar service?

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