For the Holidays, Team BeenVerified Gets Much Needed Fashion Update

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At BeenVerified HQ, we’re proud of the team we’ve built over the years. Building company culture takes time and truth is, you can’t force it. More than four years in the making, there are characteristics of our team that we can now say with a fair amount of certainty. For example, we don’t shy away from any challenge, no matter the size. We care deeply about one another and respect the many differences amongst the individuals that make up the whole. Collectively, everyone is pretty good at ping pong, with Danny (that’s me!) being by and far and away the most dominant.

Another part of culture may be considered a little less flattering. We have some terrible dressers amongst us. Baggy pants, hooded sweatshirts, and untrimmed facial hair are just a few of the plagues that have infiltrated our highly guarded culture (sorry for the visual!).

So, this holiday season, we teamed up with two amazing New York City start-ups in the fashion space. Enter the BV 2011 Shopping Spree with Bonobos for the men and Rent the Runway for the women. Since these organizations target both men and women, it gave us a chance to get to know two awesome neighbors instead of one.

The event took place at Bonobos HQ just a few blocks south of us. Each team member was able to purchase one pair of pants (the Bonobos specialty- taking “the puff” out of the pants), one shirt and one accessory. The world-famous Bonobos Ninja’s helped counsel us every step of the way. Sure enough, all of our choices arrived on time and everyone received their special Bonobos box of clothing.  Now this office should look a lot better than it ever did (at least when it comes to fashion choices of our team).

Many thanks to our office boss, Patrick, for making the whole thing happen. Also, a big shout out to the people at Bonobos and Rent the Runway for giving us an awesome holiday party. In the end, it was great to work with two start-ups with characteristics that we love—NY based, customer-focused, scrappy startups.

Check out more about Bonobos Inc., in an interview featured on Bloomberg Television.

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