The Difference between Googling and a Background Check

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We live in a Google society. Everyone is busy Googling other people. (Heck, Google is even considered a verb in the dictionary!) Searching people is not only acceptable in today’s culture, it is celebrated.  It has become so common place that some important ideas are often overlooked.

Search engines do a lot of things extraordinarily well, but people search is simply not one of them.  Think about it.  Search engines essentially spit back the information you are looking to verify in the first place.  If you want a more complete picture, you need access to 3rd party, objective, transparent sources that search engines simply do not provide. Can we step back and analyze this further?

Where does information we find from Googling and through social media come from? 

That is a tough question to answer because we do not actually know the source of the information. It could be first person, and in fact a lot of it is. Anyone can say anything about themselves online. However, it could also come from a third person hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.  Anyone can say anything they want about anyone else online.

What kind of information can we find from Googling and through social media?

Do you want to look at honeymoon photos of someone you hardly know online? It’s only a Google search away. While you are at, find out exactly where that person was five minutes ago―the Internet may just tell you. Buying an authentic record collect from someone you don’t know and want to see some background information first? Houston, we have a problem! So, Google away my friends because you can get all sorts of information online. The problem happens when you want more, particularly access to third party objective public record information.

How is BeenVerified different?

We like to think of ourselves as the place to pick up from where Google leaves off.  The missing pieces in the puzzle. BeenVerified provides easy and affordable access to billions of public records to help everyday people make decisions in their everyday lives. We provide information like criminal history, court records, property information, and more.

We do this because every single day more and more people are meeting people anonymously over the Web. Of course, this is not a new phenomenon. What is new, however, is that now people are using the Internet to meet people anonymously in order to facilitate real life interactions with real life consequences.

The latest surveys demonstrate that one in every five relationships start online. At the same time, millions of people are bypassing traditional gatekeepers and transacting directly with one another. Nobody thinks this is cooler then the tech nerds here at BeenVerified.

Public records are far from perfect. We realize there’s no service or search that will ever replace using your own intuition and common sense. We make it a top priority to point that out in every single conversation we have about BeenVerified and we will continue to do so. However, we also think it is a good idea to combine all three – Find one piece in your Google Search, add a piece from BeenVerified, and add in a lot of common sense and intuition on top. Put it all the pieces together and go ahead and enjoy the amazing opportunities the Internet offers.

What do you think? Do you think Googling is enough or do we need something more? How do you to make your important decisions online?


Public Records Search