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Why Get a Background Check?

Every one of us wants to think that we are excellent at reading people and that we can’t be fooled. That’s exactly why the scammers, con artists, and predators out there are able to fool so many of us. While many of us may be nice guys and want to believe the best about others, this desire can leave us vulnerable to people who aren’t so nice. Everyone is vulnerable to this: from the single mom taken in by a married man on a dating website to a millionaire movie star like Kevin Bacon taken in by a seasoned con artist like Bernie Madoff, anyone can be victimized if the con is good enough. Furthermore, when people who have been scammed look back at their scenarios, they often see red flags that could have warned them about the person involved, but, because they already had faith in the person, they ignored or dismissed those red flags? Sometimes it seems like the only option is to not trust anyone, but that sure is a lonely way to live. That’s where Background Checks become a critical component to modern life. Background Checks are not a substitute for getting to know people and determining what you think of them from the actions that they take. However, they can provide a more in-depth glance into a person than you are likely to get from a first or second meeting. Background Checks look at the public information available about people to help fill in the blanks that you might have about a person. It will provide basic information about the person including addresses, phone numbers, and relatives, which can be invaluable in verifying basic information about the person. It will also provide deeper details such as marriage and divorce records, bankruptcies, and property records. Perhaps most importantly, it will provide criminal Background Check information, revealing information not only about convictions but also about arrests. Background checks can provide answers, but may also help you develop additional questions about the people that you are checking.

Criminal Background Check

One of the best laws about open access reporting of criminals is Megan’s Law, which requires people convicted of certain sex crimes against children to register on state registries, which are then available to the public. People can check these registries for free to see the locations and identifying information of child predators in their area. In theory, the idea is fantastic. In practice, it leaves much to be desired. The percentage of child sexual predators who are convicted is much smaller than the actual number of predators. Moreover, because of plea bargains, a person may have committed a much more serious offense but be convicted of an offense that does not require registering. Furthermore, in many states, only child sexual predators are required to register, so that other serious serial predators may be overlooked in the registry. Criminal Background Checks help fill in the gaps in these well intentioned laws. New soccer coach, new youth minister, new boyfriend or girlfriend that is going to be introduced to the kids? All perfect reasons to run a criminal background check and see what is in their past. Criminal Background Checks consolidate information from federal, state, and local police departments and courts to provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s criminal past. They give a broad portrait of what a person has done and if that person should be considered a risk. Moreover, they can be more informative than simply examining a person’s conviction record. Furthermore, while criminal registries may contain conviction information, many do not contain any details about the underlying arrest or original charges. Of course, Criminal Background Checks go well beyond the above crimes. Criminal Background Checks can reveal convictions and/or arrests for theft, property crimes, drug crimes, vehicular crimes, and other types of crime that might not trigger a registration requirement. For people who are dating and meeting new people, looking into their history of domestic violence should almost be required! Background Checks are one way to find out more information about the people you encounter.

What is a Background Check?

Background Checks examine publicly available information to provide a broad picture of the person being examined. They look at civil records, criminal records, and public records. A background check is not a private investigation of the person; if they have managed to hide any wrongdoing from being recorded, it will not show up on the background check. However, in today’s day and age of big data, it is harder and harder for people to hide when they have done something wrong. Even seemingly non-productive background checks can provide information. If someone is using a false identity, the lack of a background to go with that identity, or a background that does not match what the person has said all act as giant red flags that the person has not been telling the truth. Background Checks provide verifiable information for fact-checking.

Online Background Check

Some people are daunted by the idea of a Background Check. They think it will be difficult to conduct a background check, or, worse, that the person they are checking into will find out about it. BeenVerified’s consolidation of public information makes the Background Check process fast, easy, affordable, and efficient. Of course, we aren’t the only place to get a Background Check online. However, we provide two things that our competitors do not: education and simplicity. Public records can be very confusing, and we strive to ensure that our users understand where information comes from and what it means. In addition, we have streamlined the search process, so that it is easy for someone to conduct a Background Check

How to Background Check

The more information a person has, the easier it will be to narrow down a Background Check and focus on the right person. Of course, a lack of information about someone is often the reason a person wants or needs to do a Background Check. Starting with as little information as a first and last name, one can start in our People Directory or People Find functions to help narrow down the subject of the Background Check. Any additional information, such as date of birth, age, and current address or phone number can also be useful in narrowing the search. Does the process still seem daunting? That’s why we have live customer support personnel available 8am-9pm weekdays and 12pm-8pm on weekends at our toll-free number 1-888-579-5910.