BeenVerified was founded by Josh Levy and Ross Cohen in 2007 with the goal of providing easy and affordable access to public records. Since then, the company has expanded to include a dedicated team of customer service experts, coders, designers, engineers and marketers. If you want to join the team, please visit our Careers page.

Josh Levy

CEO & Co-Founder

Josh co-founded BeenVerified with Ross in 2007. He started his first company when he was 15 and hasn’t looked back since. Under Josh’s leadership, BeenVerified has achieved its mission to help people discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. He’s proud of the team he has assembled at BeenVerified and is excited about the company’s future.

Ross Cohen

COO & Co-Founder

Ross is the COO and co-founder of BeenVerified. He has overseen BeenVerified’s emergence as a leader in the data and information space. A graduate of Rutgers University, Ross lives in New Jersey with his wife and two kids.

Jason Amster


Jason joined BeenVerified as the company’s first hire, shortly after it was founded in 2007. Jay architected and helped build the company’s technology infrastructure. He continues to set the company’s short and long term technology goals, being equally comfortable with strategic vision and hands-on coding. He is always exploring new technologies that can be leveraged to move the company forward. Jay enjoys the outdoors, building things, and spending time with his wife, son and daughter.

If you'd like to contact a member of our Leadership Team, please visit the Contact Us page.

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