The BeenVerified Difference

Learn why over a million people have used BeenVerified

  • People Search Done Right

    Looking for someone? Our intuitive public records search engine makes it easy.

  • A Focus on Data Quality

    We source our public records from the best there is. And we are improving all the time.

  • Respect for Privacy

    A privacy-friendly public record search is not an oxymoron. Learn how we do it.

  • Public Records In One Clear Report

    Why pay hundreds of dollars, visit thousands of county clerks, and search millions of websites to find the public records you need?

  • Affordable and Accessible

    We don't want you to ask yourself if it's "worth it" to run a search.

  • A Focus on Education

    Public records are confusing and we aim to provide clarity.

What is BeenVerified?

Our mission is to make public records easy and affordable for everyone.

Public Records At Your Fingertips

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We strive to provide instant access to public records whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Download our free mobile app today!

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Real Customers, Real Stories

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Do's & Don'ts

With great power comes great responsibility. Learn how to use public record information the right way.

  • Do

    Find Lost Love

    BeenVerified loves hearing stories about how people use public records to reconnect with people.


    Conduct Employer Background Checks

    Employers can’t use BeenVerified to conduct background checks of employees and applicants. We take this very seriously and so should you.

  • Do

    Verify Potential Roommates

    Before you commit to that lease, find out who you’ll be living with.


    Screen Tenants

    You have to use a special company called a Consumer Reporting Agency to conduct a background check on a tenant – it’s the law!

  • Do

    Scope Out Your Online Date

    Public records are a great tool, but remember – Nothing replaces intuition and common sense.


    Contact People Against Their Wishes

    If they don’t want to be contacted, you should respect their wishes.

  • Do

    Find Someone’s Current Address

    Sending invitations and greeting cards has never been easier.


    Stalk or spy on people

    Use BeenVerified responsibly and respect peoples’ right to privacy.

  • Do

    Go Ahead, Check Yourself Out

    It is not silly, it is important. You should know what is in your public record.


    Steal an Identity

    Identity theft is a serious offense with serious consequences. Don’t do it!

  • Do

    Verify Online Buyers and Sellers

    Before you bid, make sure that person on the online auction site is who he says he is.


    Determine Eligibility for Mortgages, Credit Checks, Insurance

    You might be committing a crime if you use BeenVerified to determine consumers’ eligibility for these.

  • Do

    Retrieve Public Court Records

    Unless you prefer to spend your days running around Gov't buildings, court runners are here waiting – if you want them for permitted purposes.


    Hire a Nanny or Domestic Help

    You must follow the same procedure for running a background check that employer's hiring an applicant must follow.

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In The Press

  • "Instant information… Court documents, mortgage deeds, criminal records right in the palm of your hand."

  • "BeenVerified pulls together online public records and puts them in one spot for what the creators call easy and affordable access."

  • "Corporations, marketers, lawyers, and even journalists access public information... Now seems like a pretty appropriate time to level the playing field."

  • "If you are out and about in a bar meeting people, this is a great tool."