The BeenVerified Difference

BeenVerified was founded with the goal of helping consumers build trust online. By giving our users affordable and easy access to public records, individuals can make more informed decisions about those they choose to meet and interact with. In the past, access to public records was confusing and expensive. BeenVerified aims to disrupt this trend by providing not only an affordable pricing model but also helpful customer service along the way.

BeenVerified Others Sites
A Focus on Education Public records can be confusing and we aim to provide clear explanations about where they come from. That report left me even more confused than before I ran the report.
Free Trials That Include Premium Information We do not know of another site that includes the amount of premium data points that we do as part of a free trial. Maybe you can get some basic information for free, but it is never more than their name and address.
Information at Your Fingertips Our platform is available on the desktop, iPhone, android, and mobile web. Basically, everywhere you are. What's an iPhone?
Intuitive Design Our focus is always on simplicity. Hopefully you find beauty in our work. I don’t remember signing up for a scavenger hunt, but that is what looking at their service felt like.
Leveling the Informational Playing Field For years this data was only available to a privileged few. BeenVerified is hyper-focused on serving the informational needs of everyday people. With that kind of pricing model, I would need to be a large corporation to get access to public records.
Affordable Pricing We don’t want you to ask yourself “if it’s worth it” to run a search. I would like to run a report for my first online date, but I just can not afford to pay $50.
A Focus on Data Quality We source our public records from the best there is. I didn’t realize I was 47 years old, I thought I was 28!
Online Opt-Out Easy to find and always free. Um, I have not used a fax machine in ten years.
Respect For Privacy We do not collect, share or sell any information you give BeenVerified, with third-party marketers. Where are all these crazy spam emails coming from?
No Surprises We don’t violate your trust by signing you up for other products or services you haven’t asked for. I do not remember signing up for a discount club that I've never used!
Customer Service- The Human Way We are proud of our team who work tirelessly supporting an often complex service. Our customer support team is located in New York City and lovely Miami, Florida! If by customer service, you mean avoiding people until they give up trying to get help, then sure, other sites have great service too.
Court Runner Service You can send real people to a courthouse to retrieve records when they are not available digitally, quickly and affordably. Um...real humans to help me?

Our customer support team is available via phone M-F (8am-8pm EST) to help you with any questions you may have. You can also email customer support 24/7. Let us know how we can make BeenVerified even better!

Call Toll Free: 1-800-287-9815